Biblical Womanhood

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Are you surprised I’m posting on a Sunday? Me, too!

I’ve just finished reading Robert’s blog from yesterday. My son writes a fine word from the Word so often and I am so pumped for Jesus right now that I’m even talking like one of my boys (“pumped”). And that brings me to another point. Feminity.

Satan has lied to us women and we women within the Church have bought into it, too! A while back, the enemy told women that we could bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan and never, never, never let “you” forget “you’re” a man….that’s an old song, but a lie still alive. And so, since we women have bought into the lie, we are forgetting what God created us to be, why He created us to be and how His woman creation is to walk and talk on this planet. It’s sad.

But out of the ashes is a new movement (’bout time) that so resonates with my spirit I am all “aglow” (sounds better than “pumped”).

Women such as Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Caroline Mahaney, and Mary Kassian, to name a few, are familiar with Biblical manhood and Biblical womanhood. It’s great! They, as a minority are preparing to be a few who will revive us women who have become ignorant of what Biblical womanhood is all about. It’s about intentionally living as women of God in our homes as wives, mothers, daughters or single women in the working world. My attempt to make it clear to you is pathetic.

Yesterday, I began reading another of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s books and this one is on true womanhood. It has those words in the title. I have the actual title posted to the left in the “books I’m reading” section. My mind escapes me at the moment and the page I write on isn’t the actual blog page.

What she and the guest authors were writing resonated with my spirit and reminded me that I am not to buy into the world’s standards to define what being a wife is, a mother, or my definition of beauty.

I got inspired to check out her website, and left uplifted and excited about being not only a Christian, but a Christian woman. So, if you have time today to check out that sight, I encourage you to do so. Look at the True Woman Manifesto as well as the links to “Revive Your Heart” for transcripts of her shows, for downloads in the “growth” tab. You name it and you will be revived as a woman called by God to live a life that brings glory and honor to Him. I promise you , it won’t be time wasted surfing on the net this time. If you’re on Facebook, she also has a group of which you can be a part. If you want to check out her site then simply click on the title of today’s post and it will take you there. Ta Da!

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