Blessing the House with Beans

Posted by on Oct 23, 2008 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Hey everybody. It’s Beans!

Amy is busy catching up on her housework. I wish you could see her “blessing the house”. That’s what she calls it when she’s swishing potties, dusting dust, moving the loud machine over the floor, and scrubbing the shower. Whoever says pet dander makes dust is nuts and I’m offended! How could something cute like me be the cause of another’s need to “bless the house”? Most of the time I just lay around not stirring up the dust. I have been sneezing of late…she probably needs to bless the carpets. See the picture of how I bless the house?

I call this, “Goodness, gracious, great buns afire!” Although it looks like I am on fire, it is the reflection of the fire in the tiled hearth. I get in trouble when I bless the house this way. It is dangerous. Had I known they could see me up to a no-no, I would have moved before they caught me. However, I was a bit warm and slightly in a coma. I guess you could say it was a wienie roast.

Gotta go, I think the big, loud blessing machine is coming down the hall. It scares me! Unlike the log that could roll out and burn me, the machine does scare me. Go figure.

Shhh. Don’t tell Amy I was here. Until next time…

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