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Well, hello!  I’m so glad you are here today.  I was recounting my blessings last night and happened to not be able to finish them.  Yep, that’s right.  There were too many to count.  Kind of reminds me of God taking Abraham outside to show him the stars when He told him how numerous his descendants would be; too numerous to count!  Glory!

Here are just a few from the past days since Thursday:
– sensitive sons, Robert and David, who care about my whereabouts a whole lot more lately and not because it’s close to meal time
– sweet prayers of sweet, caring friends
– emails and phone calls of support and encouragement
– extended family gathering for a celebration and turning it into prayer time, hands linked, and prayers in one accord to Jehovah-Rapha/El Elyon (God who heals/God most high)
– sweet dreams
– shampoo and conditioner, brushes, hairdryers, and hairspray
– an attentive dog who wants me to think she cares for me but who really wants me to care for her
– a husband who is a rock, a source of laughter, who is tender-hearted, giving, loving, a huge support
– tender hearts of nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles (that includes all the in-laws, too)
– Sigourney and Valerie for their precious spirits
– pound cake from a neighbor sister in Christ with her son and husband in tow
– friends who have just stopped by
– Mexican food
– preachers
– Psalm 121
– God’s peace that washes over me at the best times
– funny things to laugh at, like myself as I ponder some things to come
– wig catalogs (there is much variety and choosing will not be easy)
– my laptop and cell phone
– my bed
– God’s faithfulness
– blue skies
– good music shared by a friend
– sticky note pink hearts that I leave for my man in the oddest places
– the devotional book, Jesus Calling, that a friend gave me exactly a year ago when she thought I needed it then but really need it more now
– friends who are organizing prayer meetings and friends who call and pray over the phone
– tears
– kleenex and handkerchiefs
– the new pajamas I plan to buy really soon
– YOU for showing up today to read this blog.



  1. You are so Awesome. Your testimony through the coming days is going to take all of us to a higher level with our wonderful Jehovah-Rapha. You are a Blessing!!

    Love ya,

  2. Amy, I am Patsy Leary. Don’t know if you remember me, but I just wanted you to know I had breast cancer 11 years ago. The best advice I can give is what you are doing. You have a great positive attitude and to me with the Lord’s help this is a necessity. I love reading your blog and I know that you are being covered with prayers. You are a strong person and you will be fine. If you ever need to talk to someone just give me a call. Just know that you are on our prayer list at our church. I will be keeping up with you.

  3. Amy,
    You are such a blessing and a gift to me and so many others
    Your faith and courage are a shining example
    I treasure your friendship and will continue to pray for you
    Please let me know what I can do for you 🙂
    Much love

  4. Love you, Amy! Another blessing – your blog! Praying!!! Kris

  5. I love that, Amy!! That was such a sweet post & remineded me, too, of my many blessings! I am in prayer for you throughout the day as the Spirit prompts. And, wow, I had no idea that all this time I could have just stopped by your house…. I should have & may still take advantage of that. Love you!! Soul Sisters, Denise

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