Broken Records, Wrinkle Cream, and Botox

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Isaiah 26:3 “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” – (ESV)

I was on the elliptical at the Y the other day and as usual was listening to my iPod (Laura Story was keeping me up to speed after Mercy Me got too rowdy and I ’bout fell off the thing). As often happens I looked up at the tv on the wall which has no sound going, only the words popping up a few seconds after they are spoken. I cannot remember what you call that feature on tv’s when they do that. It’s going to drive me crazy ’til I remember. I’ll keep posting anyway.

I was reading along for some beauty product that was being advertised when I realized I had been reading the same three sentences over and over and over. These important advertising comments about said cream continued on through four more commercials and the next segment of the news program. I could not look away. I tried, but then I wondered if the same words were stuck on the screen. Every time I looked back they continued to keep up their flashing redundancy.

One word in particular stuck out and I guess since I enjoy doing inductive Bible studies and noting key words with pretty colors that it was fitting I should note a key word in the stuck advertising words.

“Keep.” The product obviously keeps the person paid to advertise it free the from plague of fine lines and wrinkles that can deepen over time. Now you know the gist of the ad.

I got so distracted by it I wasn’t sure how many songs Laura Story went through before I prayed that God would help me focus on Him and not the stuck sentences on the screen. I was not paying attention to the product or manufacturer any more. I’m not sure I ever did because I cannot remember the specifics.

That’s when He reminded me of the verse for the day. Read it at the top again.

God is the One who keeps the peace in our lives. It’s a peace that passes understanding even in the midst of complication as well as simplicity. However, we are responsible for keeping up our end of the deal. We are to keep our minds fixed on Him. AND, we are to trust Him.

Rather than fixate on the things in our lives over which we have no control yet try to control anyway, we are to instead, be fixing our minds on the sovereign God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. While we fix our minds on Him the look in our eyes should be one of trust rather than a furrowing of the brow. I am convinced that there would be less consumption through injection of Botox to the brow due to lines creased in from worry if there were more trust in God’s plans and purposes.

Fixing our minds on Him and trusting Him do not mean that we have to understand what He’s doing or even be able to explain it. We just know that our ultimate good and His glory are going to be exhibited.

Maybe it would behoove us to find one or two Scriptures, if not more, that we can replay in our minds in the midst of crises or life in general. They, like the broken records of old and the tv screens of today, can replay Truth in our minds instead so our doubting thoughts and worried speech don’t take over and frustrate us instead.

Who knew? God’s Word could be the ultimate beauty product and brow wrinkle preventative. Oh, and it’s “closed captioning”. Relief. Now I can stop furrowing my brow over that…


  1. caption.

  2. I remembered, thanks to Ashley. It’s “closed-caption”. Aaaah. Now I can stop worrying. LOL! : )

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