Bye bye 2009

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Hi! Christmas has come and gone. A new year is on the horizon. How do you react as a new year approaches? Are you excited or depressed? Do you have hope or despair? Do you make resolutions or resolve to not?

Some of you may take time to regroup with God on your birthday and evaluate another year in your life. It’s almost like approaching the official new year. I have the good fortune to be able to have been born on New Year’s Eve just a few years ago. : ) Over the years I have taken time to be contemplative as I approach the new year. Most often, though, I can’t sit down on New Year’s Eve to spend quiet time with the Lord as I pray through the past year and look forward to God’s plans for the next. So, I have to take some time after the house empties as school and work resume.

I wrote about this last year here. I call it a DAWG day, which stands for Day Alone With God (I didn’t invent that term, by the way).

I encourage you to take some alone time with God. You may have to spread it out over a few days, an hour at a time. The purpose of this time is to gain a fresh, prayer-filled perspective on the coming year. The goal is to have the mind of Christ as you evaluate what you know is coming, what you desire to change from the past year, and how you hope to live a life that is pleasing to God in all areas of your life.

It’s best to think through the most important areas of your life:

  • spiritual
  • physical
  • topical (singleness, marriage, wife, mom, grandmom, retired, etc.)

Ask God to bless your time, give you His mind and point you to Scriptures that will motivate you throughout the year in these various areas.

This is a rough skeleton of an idea. The point is that this is the guideline I follow, but you may have a more suitable outline for your own life.

So, hopefully between last year’s post and today’s post your mind is thinking and your calendar is opening as you grab your Bible and a notepad to set a date with God to meet with Him one on one, prayerfully.

Happy New Year everyone!

God, I thank you for 2009 and look forward to what You have in store in 2010.


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  2. I was hoping you would review how you close out the year and move into the new year as you did last year. I think it really helped me. So I am looking forward to my DAWG.

    Thanks for you dedication through the holiday.

    Look forward to seeing you in 2010 to study another wonderful book in the Bible.

    Happy New Year.

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