C is for Clutter

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PreviewI don’t think we realize just how much clutter we hang onto until we have to decide what to do with it.

Clutter is rather sneaky.

Our eyes grow accustomed to the look of a room, a closet, a counter, a shelf. We see it as clean and tidy at first as we place our choice items just so. Then we add to the look with the latest gift or purchase as we feed our frenzied spending and our fear of offending if we get rid of something that no longer suits us.

There is also sneaky thought clutter that emanates from the tangible  clutter, and let me tell you it’s all wrapped in guilt, guilt, and more guilt to cause us to hold onto an item far longer than we want:

  • What will happen if the giver of that comes over and you don’t have it out anymore? (Gift clutter)
  • How can you get rid of what your child worked so hard on ? (I-will-ruin-my-child’s-psyche clutter)
  • Great Aunt Thelma Lou made that doily! (How-dare-you-get-rid-of-heirlooms clutter)
  • Those boxes of get well cards and letters fueled your healing. (Cards-heal-more-than-God clutter)
  • Remember begging for that item that you’re about to toss? (My-immaturity-won-out clutter)
  • You’re never going to get what it’s worth if you try to sell it! (Too-much-value-on-material-possessions clutter)
  • You’ll be sorry when you realize you really did need that! (What-ifs-and-regrets clutter)

No joke, I could go on and on. What are some of the thoughts regarding your own clutter that cause you to wimp out and hold onto it even though it’s clearly weighing you, your family, and the spirit of your home down?

I’ve gotten reacquainted with my own clutter (both kinds) lately as we have begun packing it for the move.

The guys emptied out the attic. Prior to that, the clutter from above was out of sight and out of mind. Before we decided what to do with it, it was front and center every time we pulled into the garage and exited the cars.  At one point this past month, we couldn’t pull into the garage. I found it to be a dismal way to enter the haven of our home.

As we parsed those things into keeping, tossing, and selling, we had more room in our garage and in our thoughts and more physical energy to clean out more stuff. The number of times we have filled up and emptied counters and tables in the house as we’ve mentally inventoried all our stuff has been amazing.

Over the years, our stuff has turned into clutter.  Just wait til I get to “Y” toward the end of October. Talk about a serious reality check!

Our weekly trash pile of legitimate trash we thought was worth keeping has been sobering. Our pile of clutter that could be a blessing to others has been moved out and purchased by others elsewhere without our worry. What won’t sell, we’ve given away.

Yes, we’ve cleaned out our clutter, but I’m no fool. There’s still clutter residing in our house. But because of the other clutter it was next to at the time of cleaning out, it didn’t appear to be clutter.

Clutter is best evaluated each day.

What didn’t appear to be clutter today, is tomorrow’s clutter waiting to be recognized.

It takes ruthless resolve to be free of it!

At some point, I will realize that some clutter got packed into a box and made its way with us to the next house


and I will be sad at all the energy it took to wrap it, pack it, lift it, and unwrap it only to realize that it shouldn’t have made the

move with us.

How’s my soul today? Consumed with wanting to be clear of the excess in my life.

My prayer for today is this…Creator God, inspire me to be a clever creator in our next house as I discuss with my husband what works for us and what is clutter that disrupts our peace of home. Help me to not be so attached to stuff that I miss the bigger picture of being thankful for enough. Today, I can’t fathom wanting more of anything. Frankly, I’m rather disgusted by all we have that only fed the clutter monster. I repent. Thank You for tomorrow being a new day. If there’s anything I have that would be a better fit for someone else, help me to be right spirited in passing it along.





  1. Oh, you have nailed me today!! I’m OK on the outside but inside closets, whew!! Don’t look!! I’m like you, I want needless clutter out of my life too!! To better serve Him!! Thank you Amy for the reminder that I need to get busy!!

    • Patsy, I have found that every house we’ve ever owned has had built-ins and lots of storage…but our next one does not. So, I am having to get clear the clutter big time. It is NOT easy. I am looking forward to getting in and reassessing as we unpack and try to place. Preferably, I’d have the tough part done before we ever grace the doorway.

  2. Amy, I just started following your blog! Enjoying following your adventure in moving/downsizing/rightsizing! As empty nesters, we are in the process of decluttering! Yes, I’ve experienced every excuse (mentally) in the book…it is hard to get rid of “stuff”!!! But we are getting rid of the excess and keeping the things we love and currently use!!! Amazing how freeing that is!!!!
    I like the idea of making the house a home for you and your husband, not for “the kids” who only grace the doors occasionally! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    • Welcome Linda! It is freeing! It’s also an adventure…this rightsizing thing. I’m thinking I need to take the decorator’s advice and apply it to my kitchen clutter. If it’s an appliance I use 98% of the time, keep it. If I use it 2% of the time, toss it. That going to be really hard for me.

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