Cashing in on My Valentine’s Present by Traveling to the ATL Today! Wish You Were Here!

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Back in February as Valentine’s Day approached, I shared with my husband what I would see as a wonderful gift. It was not a trip to the spa, certainly not chocolates, not even diamonds. No. This blogging Bible study teacher wife-mother asked for a one-day study course on Greek word studies to be held in Atlanta in March. Precept Ministries is sending some of their super-qualified leaders to the area to lead training in a variety of Bible study areas. I really wanted that or the ESV Reverse Interlinear Bible for my computer to enhance my word study skills, which are lacking. So, I thought the class was a good and orderly choice. Isn’t that what every woman truly wants? I was a bit apprehensive to ask as it is not romantic at all and it is a bit over budget for a Valentine gift. So, I thought he would balk and give me several reasons why that was not at all the type of gift he wanted to give me.

His response surprised me. “Okay.”

What? No convincing involved? Wow! We dated six years before we married and this June we’ll celebrate 23 years of wedded bliss. He knows me well enough by now to know what really speaks to me in the gift-giving department. He also knows me well enough to know that I go for romance, too. So, he got me the CUTEST arrangement of gerber daisies I have ever seen. They were tussy-mussied (tightly bundled in a vase with ribbon) white with inner circles of pink with tinier inner circles of the brown/black center. Actually they looked like owl’s eyes but pretty. Can you picture it? I should have taken a picture.

So, today I cash in on the gift. Thanks Honey! I’ll come home and whisper sweet Greek words into your ear. Greek words for love are “agape,” “phileo,” and “eros”. Good grief I’m blushing while typing this post because I know what the different ones mean. Those are the only Greek words I know….what does that say about me? Hmmmm. (Change the subject!)

Well, I won’t come home proficient in the language by any means. I’m really going to better understand how to communicate the meanings of Greek words in the original language of the New Testament in light of their voice, tense, and mood. Sounds like symptoms for PMS. Enough of that…

Several of us from Columbus (and one from SC) are headed to Atlanta’s Carver Bible College for some Bible study training led by Precept and sponsored by Elizabeth Baptist Church. We are leaving in just a few minutes.

Do you know what is so exciting to me about this? These are all “chicks” from a variety of Bible studies I’ve led over the years.

Ashley, Angie, and Rocklan are employees of TSYS. They (two of them) took the leader training last year and are going back for the Greek Word Studies class with me. Jen, another TSYS lady went last year, too. She’s not going back this trip, but I bet she’ll be headed back another time. What’s so cool about how this group started is this.

It began with a phone call from Angie to me. We did not know one another but she had heard I might be able to teach her and a friend how to study the Bible inductively. Lord, help me! When I got that phone call I nearly fainted. I have never, no NEVER gotten a phone call like that before. I went into “teacher mode with a side of hospitality” instantly. Kind of like Superman in the phonebooth, except for me it was me in the kitchen donning the apron and holding spatulas and colored pencils in one hand and my New Inductive Study Bible in the other, all in the blink of an eye.

Before we hung up the phone, we had made a date for the two of them to come over for dinner the next week (after work) and we’d go through a 1-chapter book of the Bible over dinner. We spent 4 hours together around my dining table, having never met before, we clicked and relationships were made.

From that, they asked if I’d teach a study on the campus during their lunch hour. I did that for a couple of years (if that long) with a group of five of us that grew into eight or nine. Once they went through the leading training, they stepped into leading as I stepped into mentor before cutting them loose on their own. They are doing just fine without me. I’m so proud of these women! I’m so thankful their employer allows them to do this on their lunch hour.

These other ladies going? Well, Lou Anne, you “met” her yesterday. She will be with me and the TSYS gals doing some Greek. Tammy and Fran are going to learn more about their place of ministry within the Church. I’m so excited for them! I hope they’ll take good notes and teach them to us on the ride home.

Tomorrow, Stephanie, a former professional career gal turned full-time wife and homemaker, will be jumping into the leader’s class and has plans already to lead a small group of young moms! I’m so excited for her!

I’m excited for all of them!

Well, I’ll give you the “scoop” upon the return.

Meanwhile, you be praying about us as we travel and learn and return home. And, you be praying about what your spiritual gift is and how you can use it in the Church. I’d love to take some more of you along the next time or at least encourage you as you find your place to serve!

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  1. Two important Greek phrases to live by;
    Pistis, elpis, agapē
    “Faith, hope, (and) love.”

    Ou phrontis Hippokleidēi.
    “Hippocleides doesn’t care.”

    We are all eager to hear what you’ve learned.

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