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Summer’s Projects

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Summer has come and is lingering on the calendar even though school has begun here in my hometown. Even though summer weather is at its peak, I have had the yen to knit and crochet fun summer and winter projects with fabulous yarns.

I am a fan of shawlettes. I think you should be, too. I wear them year round and depending on the materials used, they afford those who wear them variety and light or heavy coverage. I often take one in my purse to church and restaurants to throw around my shoulders when the AC draft whispers around my neck.

I think that’s one reason I enjoyed making this linen piece from yarn I purchased on a recent trip to St. Simon’s Island, GA. After showing it to friends I decided I would list it in my Etsy shop, due to their enthusiasm over the weight, feel, and drape. Better than that, it can be washed and dried in the washing machine! Yep! Linen! I know! Buy it!

But before I began that one, I worked on a faux fur-trimmed number that had a knitted lace-edging on it. Again, this was yarn I purchased while at the beach last summer. My souvenir of choice on trips is yarn of late! The shop sample of this piece was in neutral colors, but they no longer had all the supplies in neutral so I got brave and bold and decided on the red and oh my! The faux fur feels real! The fabric of the knitted body of the piece has a lovely drape and can be worn a couple of ways. Wrapped, draped, free and loose. But, it’s sure to keep you warm and glamorous in winter. Will that ever happen? Winter, I mean. I’m sure you’re glamorous always. ; ) It, too, is now available in my Etsy shop due to my friends’ grand reception of it. I should have taken their pictures trying it on. It was dress up for grown ups and it was grand!

While traveling in Maine on our 30th anniversary trip in June, I took a project to knit while on the plane and riding in the car. This sock yarn scarf will look cute this fall with my olive green safari-like vest from Target. I’m not selling it…unless you want it. Then, I’ll sell it.

Sock Yarn Scarf

Sock Yarn Scarf (a travel-friendly project)

And before all of these, I whipped up a scarf in hand-painted yarn I bought at Stitches South in 2015. It’s the same pattern as that raspberry shawlette at the top, but because I bought a smaller amount of the yarn, the finished project is smaller. It’s not for sale. I wear it A. LOT. It goes well with every color in the rainbow and white as well as black. I wore it bunches in Maine.


Hand-painted yarn truly MADE this piece

This week I began crocheting a shawlette that makes me think of the Gulf of Mexico’s water when it’s at its most clear state and I swear, but I want to eat fresh fish when I am working on it. Here it is in process…

For the Gulf  Shawlette

For the Gulf Shawlette

Those are the wonderful fibers I’ve had the privilege to work with this summer and make into wearable fabrics for more couture hand-made accessories.

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Identical Blankets for Identical Nieces

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IMG_0178My nephew and niece had identical twin baby girls Lillian and Laine a few weeks ago, and I had given a promise at a shower way before they arrived to knit blankets for the girls.

It took me forever to figure out what the blankets should look like, stressing over the details from pattern to color. I would try one pattern and yarn only to be disappointed. Yarn was too fuzzy or too difficult to work with so, back to the store to return and buy more yarn and try another pattern I’d go only to repeat the return process. Buy, try, return, repeat.

So, I decided to quit and wait for the girls to be born rather than make any old blanket out of obligation to a promise as a shower present.

The girls arrived and once they were home and settling in my daughters-in-love and I went to visit them and as soon as I saw the nursery, it all came together in a sweet blend of color and style.

I pictured a vintage look of pale pink chevron knitted with sections of four rows of variegated yarn containing all the colors I saw in their nursery. I hoped such yarn could be found here.

The next day, I found everything I needed and began the blankets.

And so the first blanket begins on the needles.

And so the first blanket begins on the needles.

Moving past the first section of variegated yarn seals the deal. It's a keeper.

Moving past the first section of variegated yarn seals the deal. It’s a keeper.











Working on the first blanket in the evenings while Rob and I watched our shows (like Fixer Upper, Downton Abbey, NCIS, etc.) I managed to complete it and looked forward to beginning the second one, hopeful I would be consistent in gauge for both.


Look at that pale pink with pops of color!

I’m happy to say the blankets are both complete and have been delivered to the babies and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.


They are finished!

Rolled and ready to deliver.

Rolled and ready to deliver.










I hope the girls will enjoy them. It was a fun project and I'm so thankful to have been able to make them.

I hope the girls will enjoy them. It was a fun project and I’m so thankful to have been able to make them.

For all the information about these blankets, visit my Ravelry page.  Want me to make one or two for you? Start a custom order conversation with me in my Etsy shop.

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Strawberry Shimmer Shawl

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Strawberry ShimmerAmidst the peace of managing our home’s heart and hearth, sometimes I write. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I crochet.

And sometimes, I knit.

On a recent trip to Williamsburg, Virginia I stopped into a local yarn shop (LYS) in that area and bought a hank of the loveliest hand-painted Rayon metallic yarn that caught my eye and fingers from the get go.

The yarn was soft, lightweight and cool to the touch. Here in our hot and humid climate, that’s a lovely thing to have in a yarn you may intend wearing outside in the warm to hotter months entering inside the frigid conditioned air (hopefully). The price of the yarn was extravagant, but to find a less expensive yarn with the same shimmer of gold amidst coral hues bathed in strawberry vibrancy was not going to be possible in the bigger chain stores.

Insert sigh here as my soul yearns for a LYS of my own right here in my very own town.

When I saw the yarn in its glory my mind traveled to memories of dramatic fuchsia pink and coral sunsets that cause one’s jaw to drop at its majesty. I could NOT leave the store without the yarn. It was my souvenir from a wonderful getaway trip. And now I’m sharing the souvenir with you as a finished product.

Two weeks ago, I was able to wind the hank into a ball of yarn ready for knitting into something elegant with a soft drape.

It was a wrap (literally and figuratively) by Sunday, and yesterday I listed it in my Etsy shop YarnAmiAmour.

Take a look, read the description, see the pictures, imagine you in the lovely goodness of cool yarn gracing your skin in the heat of summer. Then, buy this bit of luxury for yourself and enjoy wearing it for a long time.

Wear it well!

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My Accidental Etsy Shop

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YarnAmiAmourI think that somewhere inside me is an entrepreneurial bent. I remember that playing pretend fabric shop owner with Mother’s stash of fabrics (no cutting allowed) as a little girl was a delight. I would unroll the piece(s), measure it on the yardstick, jot down the yardage on a tablet and tear it off then slide the “cut” goods to the pretend customer. “Thank you. Have a nice dress!,” was my line.

In college during breaks, I worked for a local microwave oven store where I got salary and commission for selling microwaves. I also got to teach a few cooking classes. I enjoyed the income and was pretty successful at 20 years of age moving the customer up to the top of the line product. I learned earning a little money was kind of fun.

Then I graduated and began teaching home ec to 8th graders and that was the end of my confidence and desire to ever earn money again until I quit to be a full-time mom of our first baby boy. Money was tight so…

For a short period of time I went the direct marketing route with Discovery Toys (which are awesome toys, by the way), but the pressure to secure others to sell under my name in order for me to pay for my starter kit was not fun. I was able to get my starter kit at the last minute for free after two others jumped on board to sell the toys. Whew! Then I quit. I kept the toys and my grand son is enjoying them now.

Fast forward to the second baby boy and the money being tighter, my husband and I decided that I should try my hand at teaching private sewing lessons to young ladies in our home . In addition I made custom bedskirts and draperies (that was a ton of pressure). I also made and sold frozen rolls to pad the “dough” of our nest egg. I did all of that for seven years and it was fun and fulfilling, and we had money that was needed. It was a blessing.

After the boys’ homework loads grew, I realized I needed to quit the sewing and bread biz and lay low. Our financial situation had improved in those seven years and we were at peace.

In a blip the nest is empty and I have time to earn a little money again, but I still want to be available to be a wife about the home, assist our married children, a grand baby, our parents, volunteer, and teach as needed in our church.

So I opened an Etsy shop. Accidentally. Well, on purpose, but early, at the urging of my sister, daughter-in-love, and a young friend.

Read more about that here.

A rose by any other name is not necessarily an Etsy shop name. Oy. The name of the shop was supposed to be Yarn Ami (yarn friend). Rob and I had been watching way too many Poirot mystery shows on PBS, mon ami. Oui? So for lack of a better name and trying to tie it in to my name, that two word name was born, but alas, not available.


So, back to the drawing board. I loved that name. Amour. Love. Ah, mon ami, I checked in on those three words together and voila! They worked! Yarn Ami Amour (yarn friend love) was born!

Now, I’m in the discipline mode (my #oneword365) to make Yarn Ami Amour legit, and at times, I get rather overwhelmed fearing that my meager earnings will be audited and that I will owe more in taxes than what I netted. Oh dear. The process of trying to secure a state sales tax and use registration certificate is rather taxing! But, I shall persevere or peddling my wears shall cease to be.

But, I’m learning, and I’m having fun (most of the time…when everything works out online and in person). Hopefully, I’ll make enough to support my hobby (not my hubby). But, if I go global, then maybe I can support my hubby.  (She typed, giggling).

You can shop at Yarn Ami Amour any time. I’m working on winter and spring offerings now, so check in often.


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