Christmas Has Begun

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I did not get around to posting the past couple of days. Thursday I was busy in the kitchen. You’ll be glad to know that although it took hours to prepare the Pilgrim Feast, the pilgrims that came to our house finished eating in under an hour….how is that? But it was nice to fix their favorites and indulge, too! The rain has not been kind to me. No walking for a couple of days. I may have to whip out the exercise dvd to make up for the dressing and sweet potatoes, Italian cream cake, collards, squash, giblet gravey, turkey, ham, cranberry sauce…

Also on Thanksgiving we celebrated my mother’s birthday which was actually yesterday. What a sweet time to celebrate her birthday on Thanksgiving, although it got shoved in between cleaning the dishes and children playing hide and seek. Anyway, it’s nice being able to give her a day outside of the kitchen so she can catch up with grands and great-grands.

Late Thanksgiving afternoon we went ahead and bought our Christmas tree since we knew rain was coming and thought Robert was going back to Athens for the UGA/Tech game today. He’s changed his mind which is fine with us. Even this faithful football fan has his limits as to what he’ll put up with to endure a game. I think he’s really enjoyed being back home.

Yesterday, we brought the tree in and decorated it and the house for Christmas. So, Christmas has arrived at our house. Note the picture at the top? Rob and I took that while shopping at Lowe’s back in October! I wish you could have seen the looks we got while taking that picture and others. We laughed the whole time.

From the looks of the picture, shiny green surrounding my face in flourescent lighting is not the best combination for the whitest, brightest smile, but oh well. I hope you get a good laugh out of it.

Starting Monday we shift into Christmas posts and will look at 18 prophecies about the Messiah. See you then!

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