Christmas Music for the Savage Girl’s Spirit

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Thanks for the perfect picture!

At one time in my life as I pondered what to be when I grew up (still wondering, btw), I considered a career in music therapy.

I think David (as in the shepherd boy David who slew the giant) was the first one on biblical record as King Saul would request David’s presence with harp in hand to soothe his depressed state of mind at times.  In David would come, play a few tunes, and Saul would be released from his melancholy state of mind until the next time he would summon David.

The last post I wrote was on  “Quiet” and oddly enough, I’ve been just that since then.

But, today, I’m breaking free from my own time of quiet to reenter blogging land with a plan for a few December posts that are more noisy in nature…more of a joyful noise in nature, as a matter of fact.

As I am in the throes of December 2012’s Christmas stuff,  I often have to stop to rest and regroup and I quite often have to incorporate some Christmas tunes to help me relax, regroup, and get reinvigorated to go out of the house once more. I’m a homebody.  What can I say?

Surely, I’m not alone though, right? 

So, “take note” from a musical point of view of course, as over the next twelve posts, I give you…drum roll (an appropriate transition for a music post)…

The Twelve Days of Christmas Music.  (If I could produce my own Christmas cd, these would be the 12 sure to be included.)

Tune in tomorrow for some melodious notes as I write about my most played top twelve Christmas tunes with a bit of their significance for me.

You’re going to want to add them to your playlist!

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