Circling with the Red Wagon

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“Whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”
Colossians 3:17 (ESV)

I guess I am not done with Mother’s Day posts just yet. I went back and reread the post from two days ago regarding the upcoming occasion, now past. One part of the post just seemed to jump out at me. It was the part about me, as a little girl, circling my loaded red wagon around our yard as I pretended to be “mommy”.

Then it hit me.

I still circle my little red wagon around. And I don’t think that it necessarily applies to just me. Hear me out.

Just this morning I got up. I felt a bit ahead of things around the house. After being gone for the weekend and putting away what I took, also putting away all Robert’s college stuff yesterday along with doing some laundry and cooking dinner, I was feeling a sense of accomplishment as I went to bed last night. After awaking and still feeling ahead of some things, I sat down with my morning coffee for my quiet time. During praying I got distracted by a “Martha” moment. You’re familiar, I’m sure. It happens for me when I am petitioning on my behalf and a “to-do” list pops up in a similar way that an unwanted pop-up add invades your internet time. By now, I have learned to jot down the “to-do” list and continue in my praying.

This list, however, was much like the unwanted virus pop-ups. Nothing I “clicked” on mentally would make it go away. Not even the jotting it down alleviated the invasion. So, I picked it back up and prayed over the thing. While doing so, I noticed that the list was a bunch of things I have been intending to do for some time and have neglected to do.

Here’s where the red wagon finally comes in. Sorry about the wait.

In a sense, I had loaded up my wagon with good, important things. However, they have now become neglected things. They are things I just don’t want to do because I do not like doing them. There I said it. THERE ARE THINGS I DON’T LIKE TO DO AND I PUT THEM OFF. One of them is cleaning the bathrooms. I don’t like doing that. I would prefer to call the Swisher people that clean restaurant baths and truck stop baths to come clean our bathrooms. In order to clean them better, I generally do not clean them on the same day as the rest of the house. When all else fails, I wait until I see pink. Our showers are white. Pink is not good. It’s the beginning of mildew. On my worst occasions I have begged Rob to simply replace the toilet seats. They are new. They are clean. You get my point.

Because I really did not want to deal with the reality of doing these things, my red wagon, so to speak, was/is getting weighed down with them and quite frankly, it’s becoming rather difficult to continue pulling and pushing around the yard. My red wagon is getting in the way of abundant living. Every time I turn around my red wagon is following me. It is beginning to push itself. Can’t you see it?

So, today is the day I take a couple of things out of that wagon and deal with them. I guess cleaning the bathrooms should be the first thing.

While I’m doing that bathroom cleaning, I plan to meditate on the verse at the top of today’s post.

What’s in your wagon?

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