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I was expecting the second baby when the first one came tumbling down the back steps of our
house.  The Chippendale railing his chubby fingers grasped was not the step savior it was meant to be.

I immediately jumped up to grab him almost as soon as he hit the concrete patio.

Heart racing and tears already falling (mine, not his), I was just so sad my little son had taken the tumble and wondered in that microsecond what injuries he would sustain…damage to his baby teeth, or a skinned knee and elbow, or something broken?

At the same time I was wondering all those could-be things, I was most of all wanting to grab him tight and comfort him in my lap.

So in one swoop, I gathered him up (it was slow motion in my head), cradled him next to me on the bench and did a thorough check.

He was stunned by it all.  The fall.  The rescue.  The examination.

He was just fine.

My heartbeat settled and all I wanted to do the rest of the afternoon was to just sit and hold him tight, gently rocking and humming a comforting tune.

In those mothering activities of comforting him, God allowed me to be comforted.

I thought then what I am thinking today as the younger son just pulled out for his summer of work away from home…”How can I comfort him if he needs me but I can’t get to him in an instant?”

The nest on the front porch keeps taunting me as the mother bird has made it a place of safety and beauty for her own babies.  At the right time, she’ll push them out for their lessons in flying and she’ll see to it that they learn in the safety of her watchful eye and handy wings to swoop and break their falls that will surely happen.  She’ll finish her task as they take one last solo flight and move on to trees in the yard and finally trees elsewhere, out of her sight.  Will she be comforted in knowing she did her job well?

Mothers comfort their children.  A godly mother has the comfort of her Father to remind her that she was a wise steward of the high calling God gave her.  I take comfort in that thought today.

I’m comforted by the writings of others today, too, at…

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  1. “At the same time I was wondering all those could-be things, I was most of all wanting to grab him tight and comfort him in my lap.” Yes. With 2 young boys, I know that feeling so well. I love thinking about how that relates to God’s comfort of us, too. I know my faith has helped me be much less of a worry-wart than I would have been otherwise.

    • Enjoy comforting your little boys as often as you can and be reminded of God’s comfort of us when we are wearied and a tad worried. ; ) Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. You have the most beautiful blog! Loving it! This was so beautiful!

    • Thanks Ashley! I’m glad you stopped by today.

  3. Beautiful, and oh we have all been there, watching as a little one tumbles to a hard surface… glad it turned out well. Good writing.

    • It seems like it was just yesterday, but it was 22 years ago! Time flies just like birds leaving their nest. ; )

  4. Amy, I felt your heart here. My boys are 23 and 21. One is now out of the house serving our country. It has been so hard on the days when I could tell he needed comfort to not be there to pull him into my arms. But many times I do find comfort in knowing I did my job the best I could, not perfectly, but my son knows he is loved and comfort can still be found even when he is miles and miles away. Your words have truly touched me.
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Blessings. Beth

    • Hi Beth! Our boys are close in age! Our oldest is 24 and the youngest is 21. Thank you for leaving such a kind comment in response to this piece. Thank you also for raising a son and supporting him with long distance comfort in the form of encouraging words and tender prayers as he serves our country. I am thankful for his calling and will be praying for him. I bet your youngest is also a fine young man.

      Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!

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