Comfort Food From the Word

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 “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (Psalm 119:103, NIV)

I have a friend who sends me a daily word from the Word, some “rhema” from the “logos”, some specific Scriptures from among all of them, to encourage my soul.

I have dubbed these daily doses of God’s Word as “Comfort Food from the Word”, for what they contain nourishes my soul in a way that the best lemon squares or doctored up brownies mixed from the box cannot do.  Let me tell you that is a TALL ORDER to receive such satisfaction from the sweetest morsels of God’s Book.

How do you view specific words from the Word that fit your circumstances?  When you come across them do you exclaim, “Oh my GOODNESS!  Would you look at how fitting that is to my life in this moment?!”  Do you get more excited about it than happening upon the perfect card at Hallmark?  Dare I ask if it’s better than the Scream Machine at Six Flags?  Okay, that may not have been the best comparison unless you are under the age of 19.

Well, when I think about God’s Word, I can’t help but remind myself of what this writer of Psalm 119 said about the Word (precepts, instructions, laws, decrees of God) in relationship to him.

It would behoove you to go on and click on that link back there and take some time today to read it.  While you’re about it, jot down your own list of qualities about the Word that you see in this Psalm.  Note how the author revered it.  Note the benefits It had on the writer of this Psalm.

Then, when you’re done with that, ask yourself how you handle the Word.  How do you view it?  What response do you afford it?  Do you mention to God your attitude towards His Word in your own life?

Well, that’s lots of “food” for thought, huh?  Did you know this is the longest Psalm, even the longest chapter in the Bible?   Unlike some of my other posts of late, this post is not my longest.  I knew you’d want to spend time in the Word!  Right?

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