Confirmation of God’s Calling

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Excuse the blog print today. It’s not cooperating and I’m not sure why. I intend to worry about it no more once it posts. I’m frustrated as all get out right now, though…

I shared with you a bit about Hannah, Samuel’s mother, last week. Today, I want to share with you from 1 Samuel 3 regarding Samuel ministering to the LORD before Eli, his guardian. By the way (BTW), Eli’s sons were not good priests; they took advantage of God’s appointment for them. In a couple of chapters, they’re going to die as God’s judgment for not taking the priesthood seriously before God. That’s another story. Yet, here is Samuel under the example of Eli who let his sons get away with bad stuff….not a good dad.

So Samuel is going to sleep one night. God calls to him three times. Each time, Samuel gets up and goes to Eli thinking Eli’s been calling out for him. Eli assures him it’s not him and on the last trip to Eli, Eli informs Samuel that it must be God calling him and to respond to God this way, “Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.”

Samuel did as Eli instructed and God called to him. Samuel answered as per the instructions and God told him the “tingling” stuff He was going to do to Eli’s house because of his disobedient sons.

Eli asked Samuel what God said and he was honest to him. Eli received this bad news with humility. Basically, Eli heard through Samuel God’s death sentence to him and his sons.

As a result of this news, all Israel heard of Samuel as a confirmed prophet of God.

Another tidbit to this is that in 3:1 it says that in those days “word from the LORD was rare, visions were infrequent.” In 3:7 it says that Samuel did not yet know God and that God’s word had not yet been revealed to him. Samuel knew of God, but God had not spoken to Samuel yet at this point in his life. Then in verse 19 we see that Samuel grew and that God was with him. Samuel “knew” God now. He’d had a visitation, so to speak. He was in relationship with Him.

Boy, when God did speak what horrible news Samuel had to hear and about his high priest guardian, Eli, at that. Talk about sobering!

Some observations:
1. Samuel did not hide anything that God told him when he spoke to Eli. What would you have done if you had been Samuel in that situation?
2. All Israel knew that Samuel was confirmed as a prophet of God.

Now I’m getting to the point. When God has called you to your calling, it’s just downright obvious. Yes, we spend some time over the years trying out this and that to see if it’s a match for our talents, gifts, and abilities. We begin to discover things that spur us on for God and discern things that are painfully obvious as not being a calling from God. We waste time but then again, if we are discovering what He’s gifted us to do it really isn’t a waste of time, perhaps.

What is clear to you that God has created you to do for Him and the body of Christ?
What is clear that He has not called you to do?
What are you passionate about?
Where do you see a need that He has gifted you to meet? And where not?
What kind of people are you drawn to? What kind of people are drawn to you?

All these things may be clues that He is trying to give you to assess where He wants you to serve Him.

Is He calling you and are you going to man because you don’t recognize His voice? Go “back to bed” and the next time you hear your name, answer like Samuel did. “Speak, for Your servant is listening.” If He’s calling you to a specific ministry, purpose, calling, then maybe it will be obvious to the rest of us what He’s designed before you were born to do for Him. Maybe it will just be a natural fit and we’ll all say “Aha!” when you step in to do it because of Him. None of us will be surprised and God will get all the glory. Your stepping into that ministry or place in ministry will be confirmation to the rest of what we saw all along in you.

Selah (think on this).

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