Contrary to TV Commercials Your Guy is not a Dweeb

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The next few posts are letters of encouragement from me to Sigourney, my daughter-in-love and newest member of our family as of May 21.

Dear Sigourney,

You’re a new bride.  I’m not.  But, I am still learning.  Your marriage to Robert a few days ago has caused me to reflect on my time as a wife and refresh my own marriage vows to your father-in-law.  So, my purpose in writing to you is not to tell you how to do anything “right”, but to offer some tidbits of encouragement and probably reminders of things you already know or have thought of as you’ve prepared for marriage.

Today’s note is about how the world portrays men these days, especially on tv sitcoms and tv commercials.  They are often presented as ignorant, unkempt, unaware, mute, uncaring, and unconcerned.  The women usually alongside the men in these examples are portrayed as put together, of superior intelligence, handy, capable of ruling a dolt of a man, and frankly rude to her husband (if they’re even married).  Respect is lacking.

We’re bombarded by messages such as these throughout any given day.

Sometimes, it can be easy to see this as the way life is in the world of men and women, husbands and wives.  Don’t go for that.  Aim high in your thoughts and your mouth and actions will follow.

Aim as high as what God says about you in relationship to your husband and you’ll be counter to the culture that would like to persuade you to demean your husband, mock him, and embarrass him no matter what when you are with others or by yourselves.

You already respect Robert.  I’ve seen that for seven years while you were dating.  Keep up the good work.

I love you,

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