Count Your Blessings

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I asked Robert if he would like to be a guest blogger today. He kind of laughed. I think that I put him on the spot and it was probably like asking somebody to talk good about you in front of yourself. Not really a smart mom move. So, I’m not holding him to it. You’re stuck with me.

Amy Grant made a new Christmas cd this year and on it she included a good old classic from “White Christmas” entitled, “Count Your Blessings”. I listened to it a bunch this Christmas season and think it’s quite timely today, the last day of the year and….drum roll please, my birthday!

I think counting blessings is a great habit to develop all the time but especially on the last day of the year and/or whenever your birthday falls. It’s not a bad idea to aid in keeping oneself grounded on a day when the attention is all about y-o-u and sometimes you don’t want any attention and turn your attention inward anyway. But I digress…

With that said, here are some of my blessings (in no particular order) from 2008:

  • Another year with a wonderful, godly husband
  • Signs of maturity in my sons
  • Healing over my view of God’s love for me after being saved for 30 years (May)
  • Forgiving myself when I don’t “measure up” which ties in to God’s love for me (May)
  • Sister retreat with my sister (July) and a general thankfulness for the blessing of our sisterhood in the flesh and in Christ
  • Putting down roots at a new church (spring) and finding my place to minister there (fall)
  • Every member of the Hebrews Bible study
  • Every member of the forgiveness study
  • Maintained health for my parents and Rob’s
  • A refreshed and invigorated commitment to Christ (May)
  • Learning to change a flat tire all by myself (didn’t think it a blessing at the time in June)
  • Benefits of regular exercise (hard to believe I’d say exercise is a blessing)
  • A good report from my physical (December)
  • Reasons to laugh
  • Being trusted to share in the sorrow with a friend in crisis
  • Being real with you on this blog
  • Girlfriends who have been friends with me since I was in elementary school, friends made at churches past and present, friends who’ve become such because our children were in school together, friends who have seen me snot-nosed crying and loved me anyway, you get my drift, friends
  • Godly mentors in Christ
  • Former home ec students who happen to find me on facebook and want to catch up
  • Extended family
  • God’s continued faithfulness and evidence of His sovereignty (all the time)!

Probably the best way to conclude today’s post is with recognizing the blessing of another year to walk with God on this earth and the reality that it brings me closer to my eternity with Him in heaven.

Here’s Amy Grant with another favorite artist and sister in Christ, CeCe Winans singing “Count Your Blessings”. Enjoy! Happy New Year, almost!


  1. Love the general thought and the music video! How DO you find these things? LD


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