Covering Up Roots

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Okay, it’s a little blurry, but you can definitely see who it is. Me! I had to cover up my roots yesterday and wished each of you could have been there. We would have had a great time talking “beauty shop”. At this point in the process I’m pretty sure I was picking up a signal from Mars or maybe that was the satellite radio playing in the salon…hmm.

My stylist, God bless her for the miracle she works, comments every time I go on how fast my hair grows! I know! I know! I think she’s glad because it means she has steady income from this head of hair. Why did I ever decide to highlight my hair? Oh yeah, I remember. Robert was born and as his hair came in more and more people commented on “how his daddy must have spit him out of his mouth!” The nerve! Trust me, he was there, but that’s NOT how it played out. Anyway, I just couldn’t take it that I was getting absolutely no credit for delivering my child or even being his mother. And so it began…

By the time David came along I was ingrained into the habit and not too many said those harsh and hurtful remarks once I began lightening the hair to match what my boys looked like.

Once, about 10 years ago, I had the “wild hair” to take it back to the color it would be if I did nothing to it. I was to meet the boys after my appointment in the parking lot of the movie theater (not sure why we picked that). Rob had been entertaining them. Mind you the lot was not full and I was standing outside the car waiting as they drove round and round looking for me. They did not recognize me! To make matters worse, when I went home, Frankie nearly killed me at the door. There was growling and gnashing of teeth…from Frankie, not me! Poor thing had all her sight then, but she didn’t recognize me either.

Needless to say, I went back the next day and had the color returned to what we’d all become used to (excuse the dangling participle).

Every now and then I contemplate going to a more maintainable color, but I just can’t bring myself to it…yet.

I’m living Proverbs 31:25 that says, “she is clothed in strength and dignity and she can laugh at the days to come.” I’m laughing at the days that are, too.

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  1. You are cute!

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