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Hobbies anyone?

As I’ve been reading through the Bible this year, I came across the passages in the OT when God is telling Moses the plans for the tabernacle.  In detail, God explains what is to be included, how each item is to be made, the materials for said item, and even the provision of the people God has gifted to complete the items for holy use.

That’s the part that always intrigues me.  The gifted people God can use.

When I was a little girl, my mother made sure my sister and I developed our skills in a variety of needle arts:  needlepoint, embroidery, bargello, hand-sewing, machine sewing, rug hooking, and knitting and crocheting.  I never really got the hang of he latter two even though my sister tried twice to teach me and spent the majority of her time repairing my many mistakes instead.  She is patient.

My sister did get the hang and boy, how she has excelled through the years!

I was the beneficiary of her expertise while undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  She made a bed jacket, headbands to go under various hats, and my favorite items to wear on my head…knitted caps.

Here’s a variety of pictures of her custom coverings:

First cap – April 2010

Last cap – January 2011
Recently, I trekked off with Sigourney and Valerie for a girls’ weekend in Nashville, where my sister lives.  I called it “Needle Little Lovin’ ” weekend.  Louann sat the three of us down for knitting lessons.  
My need to create something was at a high and my sister was able to seize the moment and get my knitting needles flying.
It’s been a month and I haven’t been blogging much because I’ve been busy…knitting!  I have two scarves done and you can bet your sweet bippy that even though we are already enduring 80 degree temps here in Columbus, GA, I am sporting my scarves!  
Here are my two scarves:
Is it any wonder my sister and I ended up in college with degrees relating to fibers/textiles (Louann) and home ec (me)?  With a mother who made sure we had certain skills as little girls we were destined for paths that kept the flames going I guess.  I should ask our mother if she saw these as “bents” in us or was she just doing what was expected of a mother with daughters?
And that brings me back to the useful God-gifted artisans in Moses’ day.  Did they follow in the paths of their parents’/family heritage in their crafts?  Did they pursue a calling based on creative bent?  I know they learned skills while in captivity in Egypt in order to live.
It all makes me think of God as Creator.  In us, He has placed a desire to create just as He creates and made us in His image.
To accomplish something creative is proving as a way for me to exercise my mind and creative bent, almost a need since all the cancer adventure.
It makes me most grateful for God’s gift of creativity and those who can inspire and teach us…
like my sister.
Yes, she made her scarf in which Beans has found solace.
Be thankful for all the gifts God has given you to exercise your creativity.
Opportunity for Response:
What hobbies minister to your creative bent?  Please share.


  1. What a sweet post. I often wonder if I’m using my talents/gifts in a way that honors the Giver! Thank you and I love you dearly!

    • Oh Sister,
      Have no question about how you use your talents and gifts in ways that honor Him. The numerous ways you ministered to me with knitting and crocheting just in 2010 are proof enough!

      I love you and am so thankful for you!

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