David’s 18!

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As sometimes happens, I like to take a break from the typical posts. Today is one of those days.

Our youngest, David, is 18 years old today! I just have to ask, where has the time gone?

Do you remember being a teenager and thinking that the time moved so slowly and your parents were ancient? Then, when you became an adult and if you had children you realized that time goes so quickly?

It’s bizarre how that happens. I think Rob and I are still young until I am confronted with the reality of our sons’ ages. Then, when I contemplate how old I thought my parents were when I was 18 I get taken aback at the thought of what our sons’ thoughts toward us must be. Any day now I’ll be 80 and they’ll be in their 50s probably with thoughts like this because of the reality of their own children’s ages. At least they’ll finally understand what I’m writing today.

But enough of that. Today’s not about my realization of getting older, it’s about a milestone birthday for David.

This is his last year of high school and we will begin the intro statement of most sentences this year. It goes like this, “This is the last time…”

It has already happened. When he had his senior picture made, the statement was made that this was the last time we would have a child to have his senior picture made. With just two children that statement comes really fast, by the way. We received the last calendar and handbook from his school the other day. In the spring we’ll receive the last tuition bill from the same school. We will celebrate over that one. Whew! Then the college tuition bills will come. Oh well. His last homecoming dance is around the corner then his last prom. You get my drift.

This is a bittersweet birthday for his mom. For him, it’s fantastic! He sees freedom and opportunities on the horizon as most his age do. He sees God calling him to a path that is still unclear from his perspective and yet he trusts God to reveal in due time. He sees independence.

God has much in store for him and life is good. He has no clue of all the “shoulda, woulda, coulda’s” that muddled my brain and clouded my vision as we hung his senior portrait up the other day.

I look forward to seeing what God will do in his life as He continues to grow him up. My prayer is that he would be more in love with Jesus, more attentive to his call, and more in touch with His Word as he desires to live a life that is pleasing to his Creator day by day.

I love you, David! I am thankful I am your mom.


  1. Mrs. Amy Ward
    This is Hannah Illges, and I really enjoyed reading your blog! (: david really is growing up.
    It’s scary to think he is a senior because that means next year i will be in that place.
    Your blog really inspires me, so thank you!
    – Hannah Illges

  2. I love these pictures of David, especially the one of him in his car! It brings back sweet memories of my own children and reminds me of how fast time flies and how little of it that we, as parents, have with our children…a little bittersweet thinking and a reminder of how previous moments with grandchildren are. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I my previous comment, the word referring to grandchildren that I meant was “precious” not “previous”. (:

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