Day 1 – Lord

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Today’s the day! We are beginning our journey through Ann Spangler’s Immanuel! I am still amazed that the books have flown off the shelves at LifeWay, Sanctuary, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon! I saw more at Sanctuary and B & N over the weekend.

The joy of doing this in blog format is that you can come and go as suits your schedule. Some of you may find that you get behind. Not to worry, you can pick back up whenever it suits you. All you have to do is remember the date of the post to come back to.  Another benefit is that you can “attend” in your pj’s with a steamy mug of coffee in hand.

Over the weekend I managed to update the page a bit. To the left now are two ways to subscribe to the blog. The first is through a link to Feedblitz where you can type in the address of the blog ( and have sent to your email the update notices.  The other way is for those of you familiar with feed readers, you can have this blog and any other blog/site update information sent to a virtual “newspaper” with all your updates in one location.  That’s kind of cool.  I personally would just rather check in each day on my own since I’m on the computer often.

So, here we are.  It’s time to make room.

Pretty soon, you may be going to purchase your Christmas tree or bringing the fake one down in its box from the attic.  Ornaments will be unpacked.  A nativity set may be carefully unloaded and placed in a prominent place in your home, too.  Some of you go all out in decorating.  Others may find that simpler is better.  Through the years I have begun to decrease the amount of Christmas decor that I have to place all about.

Whatever your preference, I bet that you, like me, will have to make some room somewhere in your house for the tree and the nativity set.  Wherever they go, whatever was there will have to be put elsewhere for the duration of holidays.

We have to make room.

So it is with attempting to do this study during this time period.  We have to make room in our schedules to be intentional to spend time in the Word and prayer.

Let us be about that today and over the next six weeks.

Let us make room for the Lord.

SDG!  (Soli Deo Gloria! = To God alone be the glory!)


  1. Amy, thank you for making time within your busy schedule to lead this study. Charles and I have already done day 1, this morning!
    To God be the glory.

  2. Amen!

  3. Amy,
    I was reading Psalm 9 today and was struck by a verse that was very meaningful to our study. Verse 10 says, “And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.” There is great significance in knowing His name!

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