Day 10 – Savior Wrap-Up

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I was thinking about the “Wrap-Up” title each Friday and just wanted you to remember that although we may be wrapping up the chapter about a name, by no means are we wrapping it up as if to put it away.  Please take these names you are studying and applying and continue to apply them from now on in your days as you go about life and prayer.

Some of you may be learning about some of these for the first time.  Others may be experienced souls when it comes to taking these in and living them out.

Next week we will celebrate Thanksgiving.  Some of you may be traveling.  If you have access to the internet, you can still find the blog.  Remember to pack your Bible, Immanuel, and the blog address.  Have a wonderful week wherever you go.  Share this Advent study with those you’ll be visiting or who may be visiting you!  If you are doing the visiting, pick up a new copy of the book to take with you as a hostess gift or you could order one and have it shipped to them before you arrive.  Just a suggestion.

Keep in mind that the Sunday after Thanksgiving is the first Sunday of the official Advent.  If you like having an Advent wreath in your home, you might want to be getting the candles and greenery together and deciding on where you’ll place it.  If you would like to know more about Advent wreaths, check this link out here.  The information you want is down that page just a bit, so keep scrolling until you find the explanation and the how to.  Just remember to come back to the blog and finish out the post with me.

Here are today’s videos (there are actually two today…I was a bit long-winded which is probably no surprise to some of you who know me well) followed by suggestions for small group time.

Video One:  Prayers, a Pleasing Aroma
Video Two:  Powerful Prayer Ingredients

If you would like to see that list of ingredients of a powerful prayer life, click here and come back.

Suggestions for group time:
1.  Incorporate praying the name Savior in your small group time.  We can talk about praying it or we can apply it in our prayers.  I like the latter.  Make it a priority.  During your time praying, allow time to pray for those in your lives who do not have a relationship with the Savior.  Intercede on their behalf.
2.  Discuss what this name, Savior, means to each of you.  Share with each other your salvation experience.What is your testimony today?  Has there been growth?  There’s more to your testimony than the moment or place of your conversion.
3.  Ask group members to talk about what taking His name in vain means.  Give examples.
4.  Remind the group of the Savior‘s grace by sharing the verse from 1 John 1:9 – “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  How often are we willing to confess?  What’s the importance of keeping a short account with God?
5.  This is the season of Christmas lists.  A few weeks ago I shared a list of stuff (all techno-stuff) that I would like.  Afterward, I felt a bit sad that I had published it for fear it could be a turnoff to those who don’t know me or my humor.  As the days have gone by during this study, I have been thinking more about a “grown-up Christmas list”.  I know Amy Grant’s song by that title, but when I think of my own grown-up list, I think of ways I need to grow up in Christ toward maturity.  What about those in your group?  If they were to make such a list, what would they put on it?
6.  Share ways that you as individuals can bring glory to God this season.  Share ways you can teach such and/or express such to your children, parents, co-workers, those who are apart from Christ, etc.

I am so thankful for you and appreciate your studying and applying Immanuel in your lives.  Thanks for stopping by the blog to read and be encouraged, and thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.  Most of all, thanks for filling up bowls of incense in heaven with your prayers.  That is a pleasing aroma to the Lamb who is your Savior!

Have a blessed weekend.  Come back Monday.

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  1. I love it! Cooking up Prayers with Amy. It is like watching Julia Childs and Kay Arthur in one, great mix, Amy Ward. The videos are awesome. I love the analogies.

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