Day 16 – Child

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Welcome back!  I hope your Thanksgiving time was wonderful.  By now, perhaps you have recovered from your turkey and dressing coma, football watching, Christmas decorating, and super saver shopping excursions.  If you’re like me, you are still in process on the decorating and the shopping.

Three things I wanted to make sure I had ready by the end of Saturday were our tree, an Advent wreath, and the Nativity set placed.  Any other decorations in addition to that are icing on the cake.  Rob, Robert (home from UGA), David, and I loaded up the car Friday morning to get our tree and by the end of Saturday, the house had come alive with Christmas inside and out.  Cider and Christmas music contributed to the ambience of the day of decorating.  Our Advent wreath took on a bit of a twist.  Instead of the traditional three purple candles with one pink and a center larger white one, ours has three red, one white, and a larger white one in the middle, surrounded by artificial (that word’s for my mother who is offended by the word, “fake”, when speaking of a faux Christmas tree) greenery and clip on bird ornaments.  It occurred to me that I had not been wanting the Advent wreath out for years because of the candle colors.  So, please take no offense to our break from tradition this year.  In actuality, not having an Advent wreath in our home has been more of our tradition.

Here’s what it looks like.  I was leaning when I took the picture.  The wreath and candles are straight.

One more story to share and then I’ll introduce the name we are focusing on this week.

Robert has worked in one of our local Christian bookstores for several summers and Christmases and would often share the humorous stories of people in the market for a new Bible coming in to the store looking for the New International Version of the King James Bible.  Read that again.  Does it click?  Yes, those are two separate translations of Bibles.  You can’t find such a Bible.  He has spent hours helping people realize this search will be fruitless.  Eventually the customers leave with one or the other and have even left empty-handed doubting this young man’s knowledge of such.

Robert’s girlfriend, Sigourney, works at the other Christian bookstore in town and shared with us over Thanksgiving her funniest experience yet.  Hold on, now.  A customer came in the store and asked if she could get a Bible “engraved”.  Please know that unless the Bible is silver or gold plated, you don’t engrave one.  You do, however, emboss leather or vinyl; but you don’t engrave it. It gets more funny.  The customer thought about the request for a minute and then asked if she could have her Bible………mammogrammed!  Yes, folks, mammogrammed (we think she may have meant monogrammed).  At this point in the story, we got quite chuckled in her telling and had not the quick wit that our youngest, David (18), had in the moment.  Because, within a breath’s pause out of his mouth popped, “Well, the Bible does contain the breastplate of righteousness!”  So, I guess having a Bible mammogrammed is a righteous act.  You have to get a chuckle.

Seriously now, we do have our fourth name to begin this week and I’ll focus on it tomorrow since I have shared some of our family’s stories this time. 

We are on the name Child and I cannot wait to see what’s in store this week.  So, crack open Immanuel and begin the week if you have not done so already.

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