Day 2

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That is the first name of God with which we have begun our Advent study.  On the page in Immanuel that introduced the English word, you saw some unfamiliar characters and letters, perhaps.  The one above it is the way that word looks in Hebrew.  The one below is the word in Greek.

In Hebrew, you would pronounce it this way, “yah-WEH.”  Click here to go to a link where you can hear it.  Then come back.
In Greek, it sounds like this, “KU-ree-os.”  Click here to hear the pronunciation.  You’ll have to scroll down the page there and click on the word to hear it.

When I ponder that name, “Lord,” I can contemplate the title as one of authority.  This name, just as all the others we will encounter, reveals much about the nature, character, and attributes of God.  We are looking at a few uses of the word in the Old Testament Hebrew and the New Testament Greek.  I encourage you to find other places where it is used in the Bible.  Our English translations help us to read and comprehend the Bible, but we see “lord” used many times and in various contexts.  Discovering the original language’s words for Lord when referring to God and Christ helps us to more fully appreciate this name.

How has the LORD (Yahweh) or Lord (Kyrios) exercised His authority over your life?  Do you struggle to relinquish control to Him?  What does Philippians 2:9-11 mean to you?

Thanks to Georgia who left a comment yesterday evening with a Scripture:

“And those who know Your name put their trust in You,

for You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.” 
– Psalm 9:10

Let us seek Him!  Did you notice LORD?  Big L with smaller big ORD?  That’s the one you’re studying this week from the Old Testament – Yahweh!  I think we ought to memorize that verse  Get out an index card and a red pen and jot that one down then look at it and say it aloud several times a day.  Include that address with it.  Okay?  Go for it!


  1. LOVE the pronunciation links! Thanks for making those available, Sister.

  2. Thank you, Amy.

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