Day 20 – Child Wrap-Up

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I bet most of you have a Nativity set of some sort that you place in a special spot in your home.  I saw a toy set a few years ago and was so excited to pick one up for my little nephews at the time.  It was a good teaching tool and I was glad to find one that was “okay” for a child to touch.

I have often thought about having the various “people” in ours that we keep in the foyer show up at their respective times on the scene.  All goes well with Mary and Joseph along with the animals.  They would be alone until Christmas and then when we’d wake up that morning, Jesus would be in the creche.  A few days later, I could imagine the shepherd shows up with a couple of sheep.  But, the problem comes with the wise men.  We’d have to leave the set up for about two years before we could place them and baby Jesus would not be any older….

Alas, I just decided to put out all the parts for all of the Christmas season and not worry about the specific details.

With that said and noting today’s post title, we are swaddling the name Child and tucking away this chapter.  Watch today’s video to learn some interesting things about this Child regarding His birthplace, how He will define Himself when grown, and the place where Mary placed Him after wrapping Him in cloths like only a good mother would.

As you head into the first weekend of December, you may be having Communion this Sunday.  May we take, eat, and drink remembering this Child and what His gift means to us.  May we not be the same.  May we be reminded of God’s new covenant fulfilled in Christ.

If you would like to read a little more of my commentary on Bethlehem, Bread of life, and the manger you can check out a post I wrote last year by clicking here.

Of course, your best resource is the WORD of God. Use that concordance in the back and study up. I just get all excited about rich tidbits in the Word that we so quickly gloss over.

Here are some suggestions for your small-group time this week:
1.  Read Luke 2 aloud.
2.  Discuss the various people who meet Jesus in this chapter, especially note their reactions to Him.
3.  Have group members discuss the priority of this story in their family’s Christmas traditions.  What are some ways to make this more of the focus in your families?
4.  Inform one another of opportunities in your community for attending Christmas pageants and/or church choir programs.
5.  Ask group members to share what this name Child means to them.
6.  Close in prayer keeping your focus during prayer on incorporating the names you are learning.

I have to share with you a real story from the Ward family file of blunders. Rob’s office had a cookie swap.  My job was to make cookies for Rob to take to work and also to type up the recipe ahead of time, emailed to the right person.

I took a Martha Stewart recipe and made it my own and came up with “Amy’s Christmas Cowboy Cookies”.  They were full of cinnamon, brown sugar, oatmeal, dried cranberries, and pistachios.  They were de-lish, if I do say so.  As I was packaging them in a plastic container, I asked Rob if I should put them on a pretty plate.  He assured me that was not necessary.  I should have known better.  The next day when he went to see the great cookie exchange, beautiful cookies were displayed on beautiful trays and festive plates…except for Amy’s Christmas Cowboy Cookies.  There they sat in their plastic container with wax paper between layers.  For this former home ec teacher…that was humiliating.  The sweet gal heading it up looked at Rob’s disturbed expression and said that they had tried to find a pretty plate for displaying them.  Ugh!  She knew me well enough to know I would have been mortified.  And she was right.  I did get Rob’s permission to share it.  He felt badly, knew how it would affect my morale, and was quick to share before I heard it from any other source.  He’s a good man!

Hug yourself!  By now, you are busy, busy, busy!  Hang in there.  Make time to spend with the Lord.  Be gracious to yourself (I’m speaking to myself, too) and your attempts to create a spectacularly festive home.  I had the privilege to go to two friends’ homes this week that were so lovely and Christmasy.  It made me want to come home, toss out my attempts, and start over.  What was I thinking?  Simplifying, that’s what.  I still would like some fresh cut greenery and pretty plaid ribbons, oh, and antique ornaments adorning the dining table in a beautiful bowl….and…

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  1. I like the idea of a toy Nativity scene. Hopefully, I can find one for my granddaughters this Christmas. One that they can touch, examine, love… the relationship that we as adult believers should have with Jesus.

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