Day 21 – King

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King.  Matthew 2:1 says, “…Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the days of Herod the king,…”

“There were two kings who lived in Israel in the first century. One was the acknowledged monarch, ruling his subjects from a lofty fortress which lies in ruins today. The other, born in a cave in the shadow of Herod’s palace, was recognized by only a few during His lifetime. He left no great buildings – yet His Kingdom is without end.” – (Excerpt from the introduction to The True Christmas Story dvd.)

As we open Immanuel to this week’s readings, our focus name is King in the Hebrew and King of kings in the Greek.  King in Hebrew is transliterated Melek.  In the Greek the transliteration is Basileus Basileon.

As Ann writes the introduction for the week (p.105) she reminds us of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey the week He would die for us.  Then, she takes us to the awesome picture in Revelation of His return to earth for war and judgment on a white horse.  Did you see where that name King of kings and Lord of lords is written?  On His thigh and on His robe.

When He comes back to make war and to judge, Jesus has His name written on His thigh and robe.  That word for “written” is transliterated grapho in the Greek.  It means to write something down on parchment, tablet or other material so as not to be forgotten.  His name, King of kings and Lord of lords, will be there and will not ever be forgotten.  There is to be no doubt as to the identity of the One on that horse.  We have a clear description. I kind of picture God telling Jesus that it is time to get on the horse, taking Him and putting His robe on Him and writing that name on His thigh so it’s clear for all to see.  Immanuel, God with us, the Word, will have the ultimate words of God written on Himself!   

King of kings 
and Lord of lords

If you have a minute, read all of Revelation 19 and note the numerous names that describe this King of kings, Jesus.

Last week we focused on Child.  Now, we focus on the One grown and with a task that is far from meek, mild, and tame.  Jesus is no sissy.  He is the King of kings.  We will stand before Him and give an account.  Are you ready?


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