Day 22

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Today’s reading in Ann’s book may have posed a problem for you. Here it is. On page 106 in the guided prayer portion confession: “Confess any tendency to live as though this world is all there is.”

Are there days in your life where things are so good you cannot fathom anything better? Or, are there days when things are so bad you cannot fathom anything ever becoming good? There is a point to living in the moment, and we need to make the most of each one, but better days are coming, no matter our point of reference whether good or bad.  At least, better days are coming for those of us who love and serve this King.

In which part of furthering His kingdom are you engaged?

I ask myself this question often:  Am I so caught up in the here and now that I have no hope in the there and then?  My here and now is the daily stuff of life like burdens, distractions, frustrations, and even joys, blessings, and simplicity.  Oh, but wait, there and then is on the horizon!  Don’t push it aside.  Keep hope in perspective.  Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith.  Hold fast to your confession (of Him as Lord and Savior) and wait with hopeful expectation for His coming again. 

How is the King speaking to you today on this subject?

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