Day 25 – King Wrap-Up

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I had the Thursday Bible study ladies over for brunch yesterday and they wanted me to post the recipes. So, you’re getting a bonus post tomorrow filled with the recipes they requested; my Christmas present to your recipe file.

Can you believe we have just one more week?  I have so enjoyed our time “together” although I wish we could have planned a meet and greet with a kick-off party.  Last week in Columbus, we had the local Precept Christmas luncheon with Kay Arthur (highly recommend you attend next year) and I got to greet at the door to the big hall.  I was so encouraged by so many of you who came to the door, read my name tag, and commented that you knew me because of this Advent blog study time!

Your comments have encouraged me and I would love for you to kick it up a notch as we conclude with this name by telling all of us (via a comment) what has stood out to you the most during your reading time this week.  Even if you post a comment in January, I’ll still get it and will post it. I know some of you are behind, but don’t let that stop you from sharing what God is showing you in His Word.

As I type today’s post, Beans (our 5-year-old piebald dachshund) has had a bath.  She smells like a bunch of Granny Smith apples.  As is customary for her, she ended up in her frisky state of trying to blow dry her hair by running fast through the house.  However, untypical for her, she jumped into a chair in my office and has positioned herself all the way at the top of the back.  She’s never done that before!  I think she’s trying to act out God being on the throne.  I hope that’s all there is to it and not that she thinks she is God on the throne.  I’ll have to have a little talk with her to straighten this out.

In the meantime, here’s today’s video.  Watch it and then come back to the rest of the post.

Well, I do believe Beans was a vital part of today’s post.  This was the first time I made the video in one take!  Praise God!  She’s the one-take wonder dog!  LOL!

Suggestions for small-group time:
1.  Have group members share how the thought of an everlasting kingdom with the King of kings awakens hope in them.
2.  Have them share what the biggest hindrance to joy in the Lord is for them.  Stop and pray together over each individual’s heart as she (and some he’s) have shared.  If you want, you can lead the prayer time or you can go around in a circle and have each one pray for the one to their right and his/her specific concern.
3.  Make sure to have a copy of a newspaper from this week, or as you are aware of world and local events, write down the gist of the headlines. Cut these things apart and pass them out among the group members.  Send them into quiet areas of the home along with their Bibles and a prayer partner.  Have them pray over the event in the headline, find a Scripture that pertains to the situation (as best as they can), and come back together to share with the group their headline and their Scripture.
4.  As you conclude, remind them that God is on the throne.  He is El Roi, the God Who sees everything and is aware of all situations.

Remember, He is King!  He reigns!

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