Day 26 – Bright Morning Star

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Bright Morning Star.

Our final name in this six week journey has arrived.  In the Greek you pronounce it this way (click on each word for a link to hear the pronunciation once you get there – you’ll see the “sound” button on which to click):  Aster Lampros Proinos. 

If you have read the introduction for this week’s name in Ann’s book then you know this name does not appear in the Hebrew.  In Numbers, the coming star is referenced.

I have a confession.  I was not a very good science student.  Chemistry was almost my downfall in both high school and college.  Even a simple physical science course would cause me to ponder skipping class due to the boredom factor.  Invariably, I would dream that I had missed every question on some huge final due to my not showing up for any classes prior to that day.  That repeated dream would keep my attendance in check, but it didn’t help to hold my interest in the subject.  Similarly, history has never been a favorite either UNTIL I got into studying the Word.  Now, both history and science can fascinate me due to my reference point of  God’s plans and purposes throughout time and space.

Yesterday, I sat down and watched the dvd, The Star of Bethlehem.  In it, Rick Larson presents the astronomical event and timing of the star.  I highly recommend it.  You can also check out his website here.  It is a rather fitting tie-in to the name this week.

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  1. I love that video! To think that God placed the stars in their place so many years ago knowing exactly when and where the birth of Christ would take place. It blows my mind!!!

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