Day 3

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Today’s post is short and simple.  I have a couple of suggestions for you to consider.

I was getting ready for the day and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s song, O Come Emmanuel, came on my iPod and I could barely get my mascara on my lashes due to the beat, the joy, the excitement, the emotion, you name it!

It made me think of the first suggestion for you.  

Get out your most faith-filled inspirational Christmas CD and begin enjoying it.  If you want to, share via the comment section what your favorite one is.  While you’re listening to it, brainstorm about what you hope to accomplish in the next week to prepare your heart and your home for Christmas.  Jot down those thoughts.

Another suggestion is this, sometime during this Advent season, rent The Nativity Story dvd and watch it as a family or invite some friends over for a movie night. 

It’s Wednesday.  You may have begun to have your spirit stir within you regarding just what place the Lord of heaven and earth has in your life.  As you “stir” turn that into prayer and just be honest with God about this name of His and your respect or lack of for it.  Incorporate some silence into your prayer.  You may sense Him consoling or correcting you.  Turn the consoling into thanksgiving and the correcting into confession.  Allow Him to be Lord of your quiet time.

Have a great day!


  1. I’m not sure of the real name, but my favorite Christmas song is “We were the Reason”, at least that’s what I call it, originally sung by David Meece. I go nuts when I hear it each year. I like the way it ties in our childhood traditions “all the gifts and toys”, to the real and deep meaning of Christmas, “We were the reason that He gave His life…”. I love that it ties Christmas to Easter, because just a baby would be nothing, unless people are told why that baby is important.

  2. I enjoyed today’s ‘Ask God’. In today’s world, where there is so much self-help available, I find it hard to discern what I have done and what Jesus has done. To ask for a ‘living understanding of what Jesus has done for me’ was refreshing. I pray my eyes are open to His answer.

  3. I’m just not ready to listen to Christmas music yet. I need to work on my attitude first. I like the idea of bring more quiet into my quiet time!
    Thanks Amy!
    (And, Hi Jennifer!)

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