Day 30 – The End

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As I type, Beans has situated herself in her new favorite spot at the top of that chair in the study. She has a better view of the room, I guess. It’s another rainy day in Georgia. My heart is full from all the excitement in our family this week.

It’s also a bittersweet day as we conclude not only the name for the week, but as we wrap up this blog study using Immanuel. It has been so helpful for me to be accountable to you by writing to encourage you to do the readings each day. It has kept me reading along and praying, too.  I hope you have entered this Christmas time more prepared in your heart than ever!  Whether you are way behind on all the other or not, should not get you down.  You’ve drawn closer to Christ during these six weeks.  Good for you!

Looking at the weather outside this morning, it’s difficult to fathom that there could possibly be anything bright on the horizon later on today or tomorrow.  Yet, if we were to get in an airplane and take off and fly past the rain-filled clouds we would be where the sun is shining.  That always amazes me.  In my small mind I so often think that if it’s raining below the clouds, it’s raining above them and not just over my city, but everywhere.  Right now, there is a jet flying over and I am excited for its passengers because they will see better things in just a little while.

Such is life when we focus on our circumstances rather than fixing our hope on the Bright Morning Star.  It is difficult to ponder better moments.  Or, if our circumstances are joy-filled, it’s easy to forget to praise God for them in all the excitement.  Quite honestly, we do that in the bad, too.  Why praise Him for all things?  That’s often what we think.

Yet, at the conclusion of 1 Thessalonians (5:16) that’s exactly what the author of that letter says to his recipients, “Rejoice always.”

And so, as we wrap up this study, wrap up the Christmas to-do lists, and try to find moments to be still, here’s our last assignment (on your own or with your group):
Review each of the names you have learned.  Then praying through each name, find ways to praise Him for Who He is in that capacity in your life.

Let that be your gift to Him.

Thanks for sharing Advent with me.  I already have next year’s Advent study sitting on my bookshelf and I hope you’ll come back and do this again!  The blog will still be here, but the posts shifts from the study.  So, stay subscribed, or come back every so often to check in.

Merry Christmas everybody!


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  1. Amy, I have really enjoyed this study with you. I have learned so much and am anticipating more to come. Have a very Merry Christmas and will see you in January! Looking so forward to it. Jane

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