Day 5 – Lord Wrap Up

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How has the name LORD ministered to you this week? Where have your prayers been directed? What has stirred within your heart?

Before you watch today’s short video, I must make a clarification about what you will see. Keep in mind the context is that of cleaning out a closet. Please know that my study does not look like this everyday. I found the teachable moment to be too useful to ignore. One more thing, Beans, our dachshund, wanted to be in my lap so you may see her getting situated. I apologize for the lighting. At least the sound is good. Make sure you have yours on.

Here goes. Watch it by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the tiny screen, then come right back.

What about you? Do you like to give some of your stuff to God to be Lord over while hanging on to other issues you’d rather He not touch? Maybe you and I sometimes decide we are just going to put something off to deal with later. As time goes on, though, rather than dealing with it, we put something else on top of it. Then we stack another something on top of those, and so on. One day in an effort to clean out our spiritual closet, we open the door and out it all comes.

It’s time to hand it all over. He wants to be Lord of our lives: every aspect, every worry, every joy, every regret, every mistake, every hurt, every issue, every friendship, every relationship, every….thing.

So, will you let Him?

Let Him be Lord of every area of your life.

Stop trying to exclude Him from some things. God is not a God to be compartmentalized. Invite Him into every part of your life.

Next week, some of you will be meeting with small groups. Here are some discussion questions. I’m leaving the agenda of your small group time up to you, though.
1. Did anyone memorize Psalm 9:10? Have them recite it and give them a small prize.
2. What does the name Lord mean in Hebrew and Greek?
3. What encouraged you this week as you pondered the name Lord?
4. How has the Lord ministered to you this week?
5. In what areas of your life do you struggle the most to “let” Him be Lord?
6. How has your prayer life been affected this week as you have become more familiar with this name of God and its specific attributes?
7. What challenges do you face this season (of life or of the year) that cause you to struggle? How can knowing this name of God be applied to those situations you face?
8. Who can you think of that does not know God in an intimate way? (No need to say their name). Add them to your prayer list and also find a way to example God’s love to them.

At some point during your small group time, pray together calling on the name Lord and all it means to you. Following a simple format of A(adoration), C(confession), T(thanksgiving), and S(supplication) can result in a rich time together in prayer.

Don’t forget that your book has some additional Scriptures to read over the weekend. I hope you will take advantage of doing just that.

Hug yourselves!

He is Lord!


  1. Thank you Amy. This is just what I need for the Christmas Holidays to keep him as LORD of everything!


  2. Amy,
    Thank you for leading us through this great book that teaches us more about Jesus, our LORD. I have enjoyed the week but most of all, enjoyed lunch with you yesterday. Thanks again.
    I love you,

  3. Hi Amy! Just found your blog when searching for Advent materials for my bible study group. This is a wonderful idea! Quick question: is there a way we can view your short videa “snippets” in full-screen mode? It would be a great way to begin our weekly sessions. Thanks for sharing this and helping us to keep Christ the focus this season!
    God bless! Lyn

  4. I really enjoyed the first week! And I love your video! The dog in your lap is really cute too!
    I have not tackled a closet yet but I have some things up my sleeve!

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