Day 7

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Today’s the day you read in the Bible about the one lost sheep being so important that the shepherd was willing to look for it until he found it.  I really appreciated Mr. Capon’s “take” on the value of the one lost sheep.

I love sheep.  I can see a live one and burst into tears.  Ask Rob.  We took a trip a few years back to a quaint setting.  On the grounds of the inn were pastures and sheep grazing within the fences.  I saw them, made a few comments, and burst into tears.

I think we had been learning about the Passover and how it is a picture of Christ’s sacrifice for us in Bible study and I was reminded of the perfect Lamb sacrificed to make atonement for my sins, for the sins of all mankind, and I was moved to tears.

I love how God describes His Son, our Savior, as the perfect Lamb without spot or blemish.  In and of ourselves we could not atone for our sins.  God says the blood of bulls and goats does not take away sins.  It served only as a reminder year after year of their sins until the One came Who could take away our sins by His blood.

The perfect Lamb…our Savior, Jesus.


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