Day 8

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“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures.”Psalm 23:1-2a (ESV)

Although we won’t cover this specific name for God in Immanuel, I want to remind you of it.  I now have the Shepherd on my mind.  That name for God is, Jehovah-Raah.  When I teach that name I pronounce it like a sheep with emphasis on the “raaaaaaaaah.”  Can you hear the bleating of sheep?  Baaaaa.

He is the Shepherd that comes after the one lost sheep.  That was you at some point.  That was me.

If you know much about sheep, then you may know that a sheep lying down in green pastures is kind of rare.  Green pastures mean there is grass to be had and consumed.  A sheep will keep eating until, well, until the cows come home!  In other words, they’ll keep on eating because there is grass to be had. 

So, when we read that the Shepherd makes this sheep lie down in green pastures it makes me think this sheep is able to be consoled by the Shepherd to the point of recognizing his satisfaction in the Shepherd to provide.  It makes me think that amidst the frenzy of grass to be had, this Shepherd can convince the sheep he has no wants.  This sheep is able to lie down and not think about the green grass under his belly or nose.  The sheep can look past the desires of his flesh and rest.  Resting in the shadow of the Shepherd is a good thing. 

Can you take a break from frenzy and worry today?  Will you just find some time to sit still?  Will you rest?

Rest.  He is your Shepherd.  He is, isn’t He?

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  1. That perspective was proundly rich. I am blessed to have read that this am & will ponder that very concept throughout the day. I will rest in Him. I will trust in Him. I will know that He is God & Sovereign & I am his precious child. oh swoon. BBaaaaaaa!

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