Day 9

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How are you doing? How are you grasping the name Savior this week? Are you recognizing the significance of His name in your life and His power in saving you?

If you are a believer, I have a very important question to ask you. Are you a ho-hum Christian? Does this name Savior stir within you any thankfulness for God’s goodness towards you?  Are you really aware of the significance?  I think if I were to live more aware of this name and its revelation of His work in my life, I would live with an “attitude of gratitude”.  I would share the relevance of the cross with everyone.  Period.  No exceptions.  I would not compromise when others profess any other way to God other than through Jesus by keeping my mouth shut.

You’ve read about the name being used to cast out demons a long time ago and you’ve read testimonies from others closer to your sphere of time on earth who have seen the power of this name at work in their own lives.  You’ve been challenged to remember that invoking His name in the midst of suffering or trial is not some magic mantra.  Let us be cautioned to use the name with care and with reverence.

One of the confession points this week regarded your using the name of God/Jesus in vain.  Did you realize it’s not just inserting an “Oh my Lord” at the end of an exclamation.  Although we hear that….watch any home redo show and you’ll hear it exclaimed at the end of the show when the big reveal comes.  It’s not just inserting God’s name in a statement filled with expletives.  That is heard often and it breaks my heart.  It breaks God’s heart, too.

(Spoiler warning – this blogger is not perfect).  I think what also breaks His heart just as much is when I take His name in vain by not trusting Him, by not spending time with Him in prayer and quiet meditation of His Word when I have promised Him I would or when I have sensed the Spirit drawing me to do so and I choose to check Facebook or type this blog first and never got around to being still with Him.  I’ve taken His name in vain when I professed to be a Christian but didn’t show that I was any different from lost souls around me by my harsh judgmental words and criticisms.  As a matter of fact, I have probably done more harm in witnessing this way to the lost or being an example to new believers than any typical vain statement I could utter.  On the other hand, when I keep silent knowing the Spirit is prompting to speak forth truth and I don’t?  That, too, is taking His name in vain.  I take His name in vain when I trust anything else to save me:  losing weight to be a certain size to be happy, desperately wanting to get a new laptop that’s speedy and can give me access to posting videos in full screen mode option, expecting my husband to rescue me with words of affirmation in order to feel valued, hoping my children will rise and bless me so I can wake up happy from the get-go, and so on.  Anything I rely on to rescue my anything is making that thing in that moment my savior.  That’s idolatry because I already have a Savior and He came to rescue me from all that.  He has made me complete in Him.  I have no need of anything or anyone else to save me.

What about you?  How do you struggle with this?  Am I alone?

Today’s reading also brought up the point of desiring to seek glory for ourselves.  I have to remember that any time God directs to take a certain direction in ministry like teaching a Bible study or starting a blog, even writing letters to those who are struggling, that I need not make it about me.

I want all that I do to be directed by Him and to be a blessing to Him.  And so, I closed the book this morning and thought about how many times I’ve embarked on something and tried to convince God that this was, indeed, His idea.  Every time, quickly or eventually, I land on my face realizing that once again my motives were not pure.  Ouch.

So, I don’t even have the courage to ask you about that.  I think I should probably go lay on my face before Him and praise His holy name…and confess.  Savior, to You belongs the glory, the power, and honor.  Forgive me when I desire to steal Your thunder and make it all about me.  Because it’s not about me.  It’s about You.

Here’s that song Ann referenced in our study today, if you want to hear it, click on the arrow:  And remember, SDG!  To Him alone belongs the glory!

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  1. Amy, “Wow and Ouch”! God is working though you to bring us closer to Him through a personal knowledge of His nature and that of His Son, Jesus Christ. That’s the “Wow”! The “Ouch” is my personal conviction that I need to study and listen through the Holy Spirit and then to act in a way that is desirable to Him. Today, I am convicted that I fall short, way, way short!…but He has given me the Hope of Salvation. That’s another “Wow”!

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