Days 28 – 29

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I loved studying the book of Hebrews last year.  It was a precious time in the Word in a book that I was, quite frankly, intimidated to dig into due to the doctrine. 

I had been in the Old Testament for some time and had wandered with Abraham, seen God’s covenant begun and carried over into Isaac and then Jacob’s lives and those of the twelve sons of Jacob.  I had loved seeing Moses lead God’s people out of bondage and had wandered with them in the desert as they received the Law and learned what a holy God desires from His holy people in worship and service to Him. 

I was crushed over Moses’ disobedience that cost him entering the Promised Land.  Then, I celebrated over Joshua and Caleb giving the good report and seeing their belief in God’s words for His people push Joshua up to the front as the leader in Moses’ stead.  I grieved when the cycle of the days of the Judges began and the people would sin, be given over to oppression, cry out, and God would raise up for Israel a good judge who would eventually die and the cycle of sin would begin again. 

I traveled with Naomi and her family to Moab during the days of the judges and grieved when she came back a sonless widow who had a very faithful daughter-in-law, Ruth.  I got so caught up in the story of their kinsman redeemer that I did not want that little, but rich, book to end!

And then I studied Hebrews and fell in love with God and His Word all over again!  For it is in Hebrews chapter 12 where that passage of fixing our eyes on Jesus is.

I encourage you to read that chapter today and ponder what your point of reference is as you run the race of faith.  Are your eyes on your circumstances or are they on the author and perfecter of your faith, the Bright Morning Star?

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  1. I enjoyed ready your journey through The Bible in the blog today. I think I have made most of that journey with you as my teacher. Thank you for helping me in my learning process of God’s wonderful words. It has been Great!

    Love ya,

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