Dear God, You’re My Champion

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Love Letter 2

Love Letter 2

Dear God,

I love you because you’re my champion.

I was reading Psalm 3 the other day and made a note of wonderful things about you. As the author cries out to you about his numerous enemies who are what I call, “death talkers,”(in verse 2, “many are saying of my soul, there is no salvation for him in God”) he reminds you of all those wonderful things about you that encourage him and keep him going in the midst of these circumstances.

I paused at that point because the psalmist had penned a Selah music pause moment in there. I paused and remembered those times when I have been troubled in my spirit, hopeless. Then I turned the page in my Bible to continue reading.


I celebrate all those “but you” moments after the hopelessness has enveloped me and a spark of heavenly hope gets through to me.

I love you because in all the “but God” times, you’ve prevailed as the champion in my life as

  • a shield about me
  • the lifter of my head (oh, this one makes me cry)
  • the one who answers me from his holy hill when he hears my call
  • the one who sustains me
  • my salvation.

And so again, I Selah these reminders and remind you of who I know you to be. What I know of you is a tiny drop in the fullness of who you are, but God you know I want to know more about you.

All the good things and those things I was surprised by so far in life have done nothing but further your cause in my life as my champion.

I love you.

Thank you for loving me,






  1. I love this series!! What a great encouragement to my heart…..

    • Thank you Julie! I’m glad to be writing a little bit again and am thankful for the Lord’s nudge to “do this thing”. Thank you for visiting GG again. I look forward to your return.

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