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Today’s my annual DAWG day (Day Alone With God) and I am about to dive into a day of solitude, unplugging (as soon as I publish this), praying, resting, walking, and praying some more while filling a notepad with my questions,  His answers, and directions for this year in various areas of my life.

I almost lost out on today.  I could have been elsewhere but decided I needed to reschedule.  Since November, I’ve been going, going, going and God has been calling, calling, calling me to
into alone time with HIm at home.  My spirit has been yearning/crying out for it!

{If I don’t dive into time alone with Him, I’m going to drown.}

No goggles.  No air tank.  No flippers.  No other “helps” to get me to Him.  Just diving in to fresh time for fresh words.  Him with me.  His word and clean paper.  Fresh water and windows open to fresh air.

It is in diving in to time with Him that the things on the surface of my life stay up where I am not bothered by their noise.  They float along and I know that they’ll still be around when I surface, but I will have a different perspective after having been apart from their tugs.  I will surface refreshed.

A Day Alone With God – I’m ready to dive into the refreshing water of His word and the refreshing that comes from focusing on Him rather than the needs of today and worries of tomorrow.  I need Him more.  It’s time to dive in.

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  1. Amy,
    I LOVE that TODAY is your DAWG day! I am going to pray for you and your time with the Lord! What a blessing to have a day alone with Him! I pray you hear His voice as strong as can be…and that you rest knowing He is the great I AM!
    In Christ,

    • Mandy,
      I am honored and grateful for your prayers while I had my time apart. I have come away with some much needed intangibles and had such quality time with Him!

      A few odd things happened in the midst…a water geyser from our pool’s Polaris burst wide and flowed high into the sky as I was preparing to take a walk.

      The phone had a period of 15 minutes where it rang, I would answer, there would be no one there, I would hang up and the cycle would repeat itself. I had decided to not answer but after the answering machine would complete its welcome, the phone would ring again and again. Never has happened before.

      I made it through and have a much better grasp on some key areas where God is calling me to work diligently.

      Thank you again for your prayers. I truly appreciate the gift.

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