Do You Know Safety?

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“The name of the Lord is a strong tower;

the righteous man runs into it and is safe.” (Proverbs 18:10, ESV)

Friday morning, while I was in procrastination mode before beginning some much-needed housework, I noticed on my Facebook wall a question posed for mothers.  “Do you know safety?”  By clicking on the link you could take a quiz and obviously find out how unsafe your home is for infants and toddlers.  I am past that stage and so, did not click on the link.

However, it made me think of a verse in Proverbs (the one at the top of this page).

I needed that verse that morning.  In my quiet time, I had pulled out my prayer notebook and had begun to write the lists of praises, intercessions for others, petitions for self,  and ongoing forgiveness struggles.  While in the last two I got much overwhelmed with some things, big things.  My praises followed a pattern which does not often happen.  I had been praising God for some things about Him that so related to my heart’s concern over issues in my own life as it turned out.

I grew a bit teary.  God had prompted me to list these sure things about Him that helped me when I was teary realizing His sovereignty in my life over these things that burdened me.

So, I camped out in God’s names that offered me assurances of Who He is and remembered that He does not change.  Eventually, the tears that I spilled over Who He is had turned into tears over what I am and I needed to get back into a safe place of love for Him and not pity for me.

El Elyon, the sovereign ruler of the universe and of my small, short life is the same God who sees my past, present, and future (El Roi) and Who is aware of it all. He has a plan and is using all the things to come together in my life to bring Him glory.  Although I may get tired and become overwhelmed He does not.  He is able to help me, lead me, and convince me of His plans and purposes.  He is my Jehovah-Raah (my Shepherd).  As His sheep, I need to hear His voice above the din of the other bleeting sheep and so I need to be still in His presence in order to do so. 

He is my strong tower.  I ran to Him.  I am safe.


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