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PreviewI have a confession. I’m not always an optimistic person. Because I ponder and plan, I often “go there” with how things might not need to be done, or a better way of doing something, or even think that something may not need to be tackled at all due to all the extraneous what ifs that can consume.

So, it’s rather funny that I would say, “Enjoy,” as my “E” word for Moving A to Z.

If you could watch Rob in all this, you’d get a better picture of enjoying the move than what you’d get with watching me. So, picture his ways of enjoying this move that cause my spirit to be happy:

  • driving to the next house and timing how long it takes him to get to work  – six minutes. That’s huge to him! It makes him happy.
  • hearing the high school band gearing up for afternoon practice and nodding to the drum beat that will be across the street.
  • driving over to the park from our current house and walking the path just to be able to see the house while walking.
  • walking the yard and gazing up at all manner of trees and smelling the boxwood shrubs.
  • getting rid of excess stuff.
  • whistling while packing boxes.

Not to be outdone, though, I’m enjoying the move, too, in my own way. See if these resonate with you:

  • looking forward to sitting on the sofa in the den and experiencing the light in the afternoon.
  • writing from a new venue with a shady view.
  • hearing Rob’s car come up the hill after his six minute commute.
  • planting herbs in the spring in different dirt.
  • hearing my family gather for our Thanksgiving meal together.
  • walking the park across the street.31daysmoving

A contributing factor for me in those moments when weariness consumes, is to remember the “haves” and the “gets”, thanks to my friend Sylvia. In this case. We GET to move. We don’t HAVE to….(although, now that we are renting back our house, yes, we have to). I GET to pack boxes. I’m physically able to pack them. I GET to decide what to take. I even GET to decide whether I will enjoy the process, even though I’m straining at the hope of being done and resuming normal life.

I am choosing to enjoy the process, each part of it, sometimes hour by hour.

My soul’s response? Well, quite honestly, I have to tell my spirit to take the reins when I get overwhelmed rather than overjoyed. My spirit reminds my soul and my body to just take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and then exhale. If that doesn’t help to calm me, then I need to do it again. I even give myself permission to walk away for a bit and rest and regroup.

While I’m exhaling, I have a little talk with Jesus and say, I am coming to you in the moment of extreme lack of enjoyment and ask you to encourage me because you are The Encourager to Mary and Martha sitting at your feet and busy with the house. Thank you for reminding me to not neglect my time of sitting at your feet. That encourages me. I think I need it even more these days. So, help me to find your words of encouragement in the Bible today and among people who offer joy. Keep me focused on the task but not buried by it. Thank you.



  1. Great post Amy! Loved your article this morning. So excited for your new adventure. Life is so good. We are all blessed. Love and miss you!! Katherine

    • Thanks Katherine! I love and miss you also! I’m glad you hopped on the blog today.


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