Empty Nest 101 – First Semester

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Okay, in less than two weeks, the Ward nest will be empty in the sense that 100% of the children will be sleeping under other roofs more than they’ll be home for the next semester.  It’s like Rob and I have a bit of a trial run, though; a semester of seeing how we fare in living in an empty nest before one returns, although briefly.  Robert will return to our abode in December after graduation and before his wedding while David will continue into his second semester of college.

I saw Toy Story 3 recently and my boys spent much of the movie looking at me in those moments they believed were expected that I should cry.  I did not disappoint them.  Fortunately, I had my tissues with me; not the box pictured here but a handful from another box.  This box makes me happy and sad all at the same time as our youngest heads for the higher halls of learning in the Loveliest Village on the Plain, that’s Auburn for those of you who were not educated to know any better.  : )  He grew up with Toy Story.  The irony of the timing of the movie’s little boy grown up and heading off to college and the same for David, sniff sniff, is too much. 

Today is about comments and yours are muy importante.

Those of you who have traveled this path and taken this Empty Nest 101 class, pass along your advice to the students (Rob and me).  Our goal is to make an “A” in this class.  Help us out with some of your best tips either here on the blog comments or on Facebook if you link there.  Thanks!


  1. oh goodness now I am crying!
    I only have a 5th and 1st grader but I think they are growing up way too fast!
    I have no advice on the empty nest thing and I am in denial that I am going to basically blink my eyes and my boys will be leaving for college as well *sob*
    Praying for you though to have a wonderful transition into the empty nest!
    Much love

  2. Amy when Ralph and Richard went to Auburn, I remember I use to pray, pray and pray again. Although they were not in my house, my thoughts were with them all the time. Time has a way of making things easier on a Mother. I definitely had my time of sniffles. That’s the Mother thing. And just when you get alittle use to them being at school, they all come back. I love my boys for they are special to me.

    Love ya,

  3. Praying for you during this season…no advice from experience! Can tell you my Mom would always have to be out of the house the first few hours when we would leave from a weekend visit…she said that adjustment back to the “silence” was so hard. Of course I only stayed gone a year before I missed her so much I moved back home to go to CSU…now my sister on the other hand stretched college out for 5 years instead!!! Love you girl! April

  4. You could take in laundry so you would have enough. I should have thought of that.

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