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I’ve been reminded that the main purpose of a house is to make a home for a family of one single soul or for far more members to engage in life. Most of all for me, it’s the place where my immediate family comes together to minister to one another. Home is where our boys learned about Jesus as we pointed them to You and Your Son in what we knew from reading the Bible and what we’ve seen You do in our lives.

When Jesus came to earth as a babe, it was God manifest pitching His tent among men to dwell with them, to set up house, to engage with all mankind knowing firsthand the sorrows and joys that His creation was experiencing in the fallen world.

Truly, I believe, that taking bricks, mortar, wood, and glass, is the means by which we create an environment where we are to engage the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our lives.

A house made into home is the place where we meet with Him most often as our true selves living either among others or solo. Home is where family says, “Good morning,” and “Good night.” It’s where we fall asleep with simple prayers tucking us into comfortable rest.

I’m ready to unlock the doors and welcome the Trinity to our next house, knowing full well God is very much aware of this place, the history of the dirt under the house and the history of life in the walls of that place.

We close on this next house today, making it officially ours. We’ll gain a couple of keys and permission to unlock the doors. Before we unlock the doors, my plan is to walk the perimeter prayerfully. He knows things I will never know and I believe that if I’m in tune with His Spirit today as I pray, I’ll have a sense for how to pray for Him to meet us there. As we open the door for the first time as the legal owners of the place, we’ll pray for the Father, Son, and Spirit to be welcome in the walls and we’ll pray that we will be a beacon on a little hill in our city.

Too, we’ll pray that our family (especially our youngest who will call this place his home, too, for a time) will engage in continuing to encourage one another spiritually as we will live life in these walls and that we will feel a true sense of family and belonging to each other and belonging to God even more.

This place will be where we rest, laugh, celebrate birthdays, cook meals, clean tubs, tend the yard, and make repairs.

This place, like all the other houses made into home for us, will be special and already memories to be made are waiting in the wings.

How’s my soul today? My soul is excited and a bit homesick for this place I don’t even know yet (like anticipating heaven, I think). My body is fatigued and is causing me to wax poetic with everything I pick up to wrap into paper for the move. Everything I touch spurs a memory of some kind. I think I swallowed a hundred emotional lumps in my throat today as I already miss this house.

So, with that, let me pray. Father, you are faithful. You do come through for Your own. I’m happy to be part of Your family and 31daysmovingthankful that my husband, sons, and daughter-in-love are my spiritual siblings. We all call You Father.  Thank You for showing us what importance you place on family and on dwelling among all the families of earth when Jesus came as a baby and grew up in a family with parents and siblings of his own. I’m glad you created family. I love mine and all the extended members who are all over the place. But, I am also aware that some are sad as their families are torn apart or spouses are not living anymore and so this post may make them relive their sorrow. Those who hope for spouses in their singleness want to have that family ideal in their own lives and I pray You’d give them what You want them to have and that they will see You and be grateful in the smallest of ways. Don’t let them lose hope. And for those whose homes are far from havens, I pray You’d restore their vision of what family and home is meant to be in Your plan. Father us all today as the big army guy in church yesterday did cradling his toddler across his arms while she slept so well. It was a sweet reminder to me of how You love us and provide in Your time because You are faithful. Amen.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing some pics of new house.We had our new house blessed when we moved in,I felt it gave me and our family the right start to the next phrase of our lives.I’m sure God will do the same for you and Rob.

    • Hey Nancy, well we prayed through the house yesterday and will pray the yard next. I’m glad you all did the blessing and that you are enjoying your own rightsizing adventure. I sure do have lots of questions I could ask you. ; )

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