Facing Goliath’s Relatives

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While reading in 1 Chronicles 20 this morning, I had a thought about David and Goliath.  You see, I somehow shorten David’s exposure to and annihilation of one giant in his life as his never having to face any giant ever again.

Yet, upon reading this chapter in Israel’s history during the reign of the shepherd-giant slayer-turned king, I was surprised to see that at this point in his life, David had to slay some more of Goliath’s Philistine relatives.  Granted, he didn’t physically slay them himself, his warrior friends did it for him, but had they not, David would have perhaps had to deal with them himself.  I have no doubt he was up for the challenge.  One of the giants had 24 digits among all his fingers and toes (6 on each appendage).  “Scare you me,” as we like to say around this house where I am the short one among 6 foot plus men.

Well, this thought of David not being done with the giants just because he killed one cycled me back to the post two days ago regarding the giant battle so many of us deal with regarding perfectionism and measuring up.  Just when we think we have slayed the thing, another one comes along to try to taunt us into a frenzy of hopeless despair.

Yesterday alone, I had the opportunity to practice forgiveness three times as three incidents of the giants wanting to taunt me arose.  Out of the mouths of giants come ginormous and ignorant comments sometimes.

So, what did I do?  I stewed, said a few venting comments out of earshot and then decided I just needed to slay that lingering giant of resentment with forgiveness so the other mouthy giants in my memory would turn tail and pass out.  Thud.

As my boys would say, “Boo Yah!”  Bwaa haa haa!  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Have a great weekend.  It’s Friday!  Hug yourselves!

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  1. Same to you…Big Hug.

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