First Days

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A most important day in the lives of so many of you is today.  It almost slipped by me due to the season of life the Ward family is in.  Yet, I knew it was coming because as happens so often, I began to have the yearly craving for office and school supplies.

Yes, in our community, today is the first day of school for another year.

Most of you took those beloved first day pictures with your children sporting their new clothes and backpacks.  A return to bed times began last night and maybe even earlier in the week as you began to acclimate the children and yourself back into the early to bed, early to rise mode.

Some of you reading this are experiencing the first day of school for the first time as a parent and right now you are either sobbing over how quickly the time has come for this day or you are celebrating at Panera with friends over steaming cups of lattes and toasted bagels.

I was in the category of sobber and slobber; my sobs were the heaving kind.  Robert’s 4K teacher, Mrs. Sparks, came out of the classroom to console me.  He was fine.  I was sad.  I needed a box of tissues.  David and I went to Dunkin’ Donuts to get a cup to go and drove around listening to Dr. Dobson’s broadcast that morning and sobbed some more as other mothers called in to the show and sobbed about their own first day of school experiences.

I gradually got past first day sadness and came to appreciate the value of a good education in my children’s lives for their mental growth and my time to get things done at home.  Call me selfish.

It was their first days of school that toughened me up to see them drive out of the driveway solo at 16, to have the ability to pull out of the college dorm parking lot, and most recently, to watch the first son drive away with his new bride after their wedding.  Tears came in all these cases, but they were tears of “I can’t believe this time has come already”.  They were tears of reflecting on God’s blessings to me as a mom raising these two boys.  They were/are good tears.

So, if you are in the slobber-sobber category, enjoy those tears!  They are cathartic.  Have yourself a good cry as you count God’s blessings in your babies.  If you are rejoicing at Panera with friends, enjoy the laughter and reflections through stories of how you all spent your summer and remember to have patience with the criers in your midst.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to get that prime spot in the carpool line!


  1. what beautiful wisdom – thank you!
    You are a great mom and I strive to raise my 2 boys to be wonderful godly men, confident and strong, kind and compassionate!! I have taken many lessons from you and am thankful God placed you in my life!

  2. Kim,
    Thank you for stopping by to read today’s post. I am delighted God used my experience to encourage you. Happy school year 2011 to you and your boys as you continue to educate them academically and spiritually!

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