Food Friday

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What are you cooking?

After lingering with the P31 wife, I have a hankering to share some love from my kitchen with you.

What am I in the mood to share…hmmmmm….

I posted a question on Facebook this week to see what recipe followers wanted me to offer.  Their choices were a chicken entree, a salad, or a dessert.  I even left a blank for people to fill in their own choice.

This was a sobering moment to my ego.  I have two followers who answered the question on the wall.  So, if you’re not following Amy D. Ward – Digging Deep on Facebook, then please do.  Then I decided to post the same question on my personal wall to friends and again, just two answered. I’m deleting anyone who did not respond.

Just kidding.

Since no one answered with dessert, I’m not going to post one of those.  But, out of sincere kindness and appreciation for the four responses, I am posting a chicken recipe and a salad recipe as a compromise since the four responders answered with chicken and salad.  I found this one a couple of weeks ago and printed a copy to put in my homemade cookbook/notebook to try. 

Here goes:

Bowtie Chicken Caesar Salad from The Girl Who Ate Everything blog

Hang around her blog and I bet you’re going to find some other recipes to try.

For the serious foodie, this recipe may seem simplistic, and a rather odd combo.  But, I think it sounds fabulous and looks fabulous, too.  (Why do I say a recipe sounds good or looks good?  Do you do that?) 

If you want to, feel free to compare it with a similar recipe at Lauren’s Latest blog and see which you would prefer trying. This one involves you a bit more.

Since it’s still hot in Columbus, GA (and I mean it is H. O. T. x 10) I think one or both of these recipes may be the ticket to a cooler kitchen and a one dish meal.  Pair it with some fresh fruit and cool glass of iced tea and Mmmmmmy goodness it could be the next best addition to your recipe file!  Leave out the ingredients that may not appeal to the whole family or set it up as a make your own salad kind of meal for each person to incorporate their preferred ingredients in the mix.

Simplify your kitchen routine.  Make a weekly menu and plan the grocery list.  Try to keep it simple.  Incorporate a new recipe every now and then.

Opportunity for Response:
What’s your favorite hot weather food/meal?  Feel free to share the recipe!

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