Free Range Bible Study

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If I could have figured out a way to attach background music to today’s post I would have and this would have been the tune, “Turkey in the Straw.” Today’s post has a barnyard bent to it. So, don’t take any personal offense to it. Just read it for what it’s worth. You might even “crow” over it.

I’m embarking on a new thing tomorrow night with the Wednesday night Bible study ladies. We’ve finished our first book and will be starting our second next week. The books had not arrived as of yesterday, therefore, I had to “make a plan”. So, I emailed them to let them know that we don’t have our books yet, but to come anyway for what I’m coining, “FREE RANGE BIBLE STUDY!”

What’s that you ask? Well, similar to “free range chicken”, this study tomorrow night won’t have any additives, none of this being cooped up in a book (cage) written (built) by man (woman).

As I am typing I have developed in my head a Southern farmer’s wife’s accent. Weird. I feel like typin’ the way I’m a thankin. Shoot y’all. Hold on a dadburn minute…don’t go belly up on me havin’ a new idear an’ all.

That’s enough of that. I’ll just think it but won’t go to the trouble to have you translate.

Tomorrow night when I meet with the “chicks”, we’re going to be in the straight Word. I also like to call it BARE BONES BIBLE study for BIBLE BELIEVING BABES, that’s B-6 for short which sounds like we’re dropping bombs. NO, none of that. Although, sometimes the straight up Word can drop bombs in those Aha! moments when you finally get something you’ve been reading for years but never noticed. Can anybody relate?

Now I’m worried that because I used a war device term that the Homeland Security people are sure to be knocking on my door at any moment. I mean, after all, when I typed Anita Renfroe’s name in here before, I got a response from her that day! So, if you’re reading this Anita, “HEY!”
“Hey”, Homeland Security people, too.

Going back to the main thing…free range Bible study.

So, tomorrow night, we’re going to look at a passage where Jesus went free range. I am so excited!

Free range Bible study, in an eggshell, means:
No additives (commentary)
No reservatives (yes, I meant “reservatives” which are speculations from others and personal reservations based on their Bible’s commentary)
No cages (locked into prior knowledge of the passage before they get there)
Doing what’s best for the hens as they feed on the pure Word of God by looking at the Word, interpreting it together and applying it to our individual lives….taking it in and living it out.

I hope they’ll just gobble it up! My feathers are flying in preparation for it. My notes look like chicken scratch as God keeps putting it all together.

Oh brother, I better sign off before I fly the coop. Oh, but I can! There is no coop in free range Bible study!


  1. Your “fowl language” doesn’t ruffle my feathers:O)

  2. Mrs. Amy Ward:

    This is the Office of Homeland Security. Please refrain in the future from making any type of off-hand comment with regards to materiel incendiary devices. This caused us to flag your computer and will require us to maintain a 12 month observation of your content.

    Sgt. Major Payne

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