Fresh Perspective

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Me with the FrEsH pErSpEcTiVe page in my Moleskine

Dear God,

I believe my two words for this year are, “fresh perspective.”

Last year, “simplify” was the word and I did simplify in some tangible areas, but as 2011 ended, I realized I had done the opposite regarding my time.  So, I will incorporate more confidence in saying “no” to those things where You lead me to do so.  You know that can be a challenge for me.  I don’t want to hurt feelings and I find it difficult to let go of my own expectations for myself and others’ expectations for me as well, but I have come to realize I am hurting my own well-being physically, spiritually, and emotionally to tackle too many things (even good things) at once.

Thank You for the clarity as I sat in church Sunday waiting for the service to begin.  As I prayed silently to You for that clarification of the word “fresh” that I had talked with Rob about on the way downtown, You reminded me that I desired a freshness in lots of areas, but

what is needed is a fresh perspective.

And so, with pencil in hand and my Moleskine open to a fresh new page in a fresh new calendar/journal for a fresh new year, Your reminders poured out and I took some notes.

Here is what I wrote:

 Fresh perspective on

  • God’s love
  • the Word
  • marriage
  • children
  • ministry, gifts, serving
  • money
  • possessions
  • parents
  • compassion, mercy, love
  • health
  • water
  • food
  • worship

{Obviously, I should have included “time” in that list.  I will do so on my upcoming DAWG day.}

Our pastor, Robert Beckum, had some words in the sermon that spoke to me as well:

  • Be prepared to journey in a new/profound way
  • Have a yearning and willingness to follow God’s new ways (like Abraham, like the wise men)
  • The pattern for worship…open your heart and your treasure.

And so, God, I thank You for the words you gave me Sunday as I approach the year ahead with a fresh perspective.  Prepare me and my heart for this year’s journey.  Go before me.


{Reader, come back.  I have more to share with you and I look forward to doing so in the days ahead.}
Do you look forward to this new year?  Sometimes, looking backward helps me to look forward.  Come back tomorrow when I will share a little bit of the prompt God gave me to look back at 2011 in order to truly look forward with a fresh perspective.
Opportunity for Response:
Share your prayer in bullet list format if you like for your new year.  I’ll post it. 


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