Fresh Shoes

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My parents gave me new walking shoes for my birthday.  Yea!  🙂

“We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9 (NLT)

I took this picture January 2.  My new walking shoes (plum ones) show off their soles’ newness next to last year’s grungy and worn out soles that have some kind of road residue on them.  Hmmm…
So, if I look at the new shoes I see a literal fresh start and I honestly hope and pray that these will wear out sooner than last year’s or maybe that I’ll be more aware of their life’s goodness wearing away with each step.  

By their wearing away, it will indicate that I’m keeping up my intent to walk most days of each week.  That will be good for me.  There have been years and years when my walking shoes lost their style but not their soles.  Know what I mean?

Let me take it a step further (pun intended) and say that I look forward to stepping fresh in them.

A new year with fresh walking shoes makes me happy.

I wonder what I will have experienced in my life by the time these wear out.

This week, Bible studies kicked back in for me.  In each group, I’ve talked with them about setting a day aside at the beginning of this year to evaluate from whence they have come (2011) and look forward to where they are heading in 2012.  In past posts, I’ve called it DAWG (Day Alone With God).

We make our plans but God orders our steps.

He knows where my shoes will walk with me as I take each step of each day through good/bad, happy/sad, old/new…but do you know what?

I won’t be alone.

He’s walking with me.  That is a huge relief!

Set aside some time this week to meet one on one with God in a “planning session” for the year.  
Opportunity for Response:
What most excites you about his new year?  In what area are you most burdened?  Please share.


  1. Good perspective for MY new walking shoes, too. And, I’ll think of you when I wear them since you went with me to get fitted! Love you!

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