Fresh Starts

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Sometimes I look forward to a fresh start.  For example, the fresh start of a new school year was always exciting to me as a child.  Fresh crayons, new packs of lined paper, pencils with unused erasers, and unblemished notebooks were signs of clean starts.  The past year’s report card was just that, passed. 

A new school year was a time to start over with a clean slate (no, I didn’t take a slate to school!).  You get the metaphor.

So, this time in our family’s life affords us a fresh start.  We have processed what God has allowed into our lives and we have gone through stages similar to those in the stages of grief.  We’re probably not quite done.

Layoffs and cancer occur. 

God is bigger than these.

Who ever said we would only be allotted one “bad thing” in our lives?  Yet, I have thought my family was somewhat immune to anything else happening to us that we wouldn’t like after I came out of my chemo-induced fog.

But, it did happen.

We have a choice.  Be bitter or hopeful. 

By choosing bitterness, I fall prey to cattiness.  I express dissatisfaction with God by doing so.  It is as if I say God has no idea what is going on much less what HE is allowing that could have a very different outcome than what my pessimism will allow me to grasp.

In my small human mind I may think things can’t get worse; or I fear they can and will.  But, from His perspective there is His best for us waiting on the horizon.  Maybe my perception of what is best doesn’t match up to His.  That doesn’t matter.  His best is still His best and THE best.

So, I choose hope. My hope is in Him.  He has a plan.

I desire to be hopeful while He unfolds it before us.  I desire to be willing to bend to His plan.  I desire to learn what He’d have me learn.  I desire to love and trust Him with ALL of this.

For Rob’s sake, I desire to be the best wife, encourager, and supporter God has called me to be while he bears this newest “thing” shoulder to shoulder with God.

It’s time for a fresh start, a fresh outlook, a fresh heart, a fresh trust, a fresh commitment, and a fresh faith.



  1. Amen….

  2. Amy and Rob, If anyone can shoulder this…The Wards( with God’s help) can !!! Will continue to pray for your family.
    We love y’all,
    Ellen and Burch

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