Friday with Frankie

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Hey, it’s Beans. Frankie wants to share a few words with you and insists on typing them even though she’s almost totally blind. Be patient with her, she’s typing by faith and not by sight. I’ll interpret. Here she goes:

aio134t auqhfvnj ufagadh afiaf af ierourhgyyapzuerklgs g a dug !

The interpretation: never mind…I forgot what I was going to say. Beans has made me so nervous about this whole thing!

It’s Beans again. I don’t know how I made her nervous! I coached her into getting into the desk chair. She thinks I expect too much from her in her old age, but I’m trying to keep her young. That’s why I tailgate her when she’s walking around the house. Amy can’t move the furniture around because Frankie’s grown accustomed to the path, although she hugs the walls to get back to her bed. (Frankie, not Amy. Although Amy may need to start wearing reading glasses with her contacts). I keep reminding Frankie that there is no retirement in old age. I’ve got to keep her mind active. Hence the reason for insisting she try to type a few words. Little did I know that would backfire.

I better go and reread 1 Corinthians 13. I’m not feeling loving toward my sister.

Signing out,
Beans and qpoagnk (Frankie)

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