Getting Ready for Christmas

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Much like my attempt to get new wallpaper in the hallway of our first home by tearing and pulling down the top stapled corners bit by bit while my husband slept one Saturday morning, he “got me back” Sunday when he opened the closet where we keep gift wrap and proceeded to pull all of the contents from the floor out into the hallway and proclaim he was about to straighten it.  Whew, long sentence! 

I kind of think that closet is my domain and I was a bit panicked at what his straightened closet would look like.   I mean, I knew it would be way better than its current state of disarray.  I was just afraid I would have no gift boxes left when Christmas rolled around because he was in the mood to toss it all out, you know?

So, I convinced him I would clean and straighten the lost gift wrap closet and restore it to its original purpose.  Oh, and it also holds the tablecloths on hangers.  Honestly, this closet is supposed to be the coat closet when guests arrive.  Who actually has one for that purpose only?

Anyway, Rob ran errands for David’s upcoming 19th birthday (gift shopped) while I pulled the closet contents into the living room under a ceiling fan.

I put ribbons on spools and organized them into the purchased boxes that had been sitting empty for such a time as this.  These boxes have slits in them for ribbon to feed through for cutting while wrapping.  Do you hear angels singing, or is that just me in organizing heaven?

I organized the rolling cart and blessed the four drawers with labels from my P-Touch label maker.   What?!  You don’t have one?  How do you live without it?

The box that is supposed to hold all our wrapping paper rolls now actually does and the top lid now contains the wrist tape dispenser, refills, scissors, and a fine point Sharpie.

Over half our boxes are gone as they didn’t make the cut of reusable due to dents, tears, or flimsy factors.  Rob had to help with that part.  He’s tall and the rule for boxes on the shelf is that I must be able to reach them without injuring my head on the box’s trek down to my level.  In other words, my hand must be able to stay with the box rather than as a tool to shimmy a box from its place in order to send it flying down to my level.  Get it?

The final touch was organizing the gazillion gift bags back onto separate and labeled hangers.  Bags for “men”, “women”, “Christmas”, and “Valentine’s”.  (I can’t remember if I did the comma punctuation correctly on that one, so if someone would like to correct me, I’d appreciate it).  [Note to self to buy an AP Style Book.]

So, I’m now ready to wrap presents and send cards of encouragement, get well, sympathy, and congratulations on birthdays, babies, and whatever else comes along.  Those are all neatly stored in a card caddy.

Here are the top three things I couldn’t have an organized gift wrap closet without:

  1. My P-Touch Label Maker (thank you Martha Stewart).
  2. The 4-drawer rolling cart with drawers for fabric ribbon, tissue paper and melamine bags, curling ribbons, and the Christimas curling ribbon and gift tag drawer.
  3. The tall gift wrap roll of paper holder with the tape and scissor compartment.

As a bonus if I could add one, please, I can’t live without my Scotch brand wrist tape dispenser.  I keep tape refills handy at all times. I have more than one I like it so much.

Now all I have left to do is Christmas shop.  I usually wait until December 1 to do that and regret it every time.  Maybe this is the year I change that and actually have it done by Thanksgiving. 

When do you like to get your Christmas shopping done?


  1. Whenever I have a good idea for the recipient!

  2. When do I get my Christmas shopping done? In a panic! Can’t seem to make up my mind during the year, but when everything gets hectic as the Holiday season approaches, here I go! After Christmas last year, I “thought” I had my stuff organized. Now after reading your post, I am having second thoughts and feeling insecure! (-: Reading your lighter posts is such an encouragement to me ’cause I know that God continues to bless you and me with your sense of humor. Of course, mingled within is truth. Love you!!!! Lou Anne

  3. When do I get my Christmas shopping done? Never! They get a tacky money card with some form of money in it, or a gift card to a resturant! You are so organized, I on the other hand would not fair so well. Maybe this year, I will make quilts or precept bags or just give those tacky cards!

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